Zero State

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Hello, grinders!

I'm here representing Zero State, a recently formed movement/community that some of you may heard of. 

Forgive the copypasta, but here's what our site says about us, to sum it up:

"Zero State is a movement, or more accurately a Praxis; a translation of ideas into action. We believe in transhumanism and singularitarianism (i.e. that the human condition should be improved through technology, and that technological development is accelerating), and that considered action is to be preferred over pointless conversation. 

The term Zero State represents what we can know about civilization's future after a critical pace of technological change has been reached - i.e. nothing, with any certainty. Alternatively, we might also consider the term to refer to a focused state of mind; a moment of clarity in which one may find a deep sense of unity or purpose. This is to say that Zero State is not just a community or vision of the future, but something that each member of the community carries within themselves. 

Our Principles, projects, and other concerns reflect a balance of science, art, philosophy, politics, and economics. This convergence is important because technologies are not developed or implemented in a vacuum. If we wish to have an influence upon the world, we must engage with the real world, rather than a simplified model of it. We are creating a sphere of influence in which we are free to live according to our beliefs, without interference. From that vantage point we will seek to abolish suffering, transform the human condition, and realize the greatest creative aspirations of humanity." 

So, that sums us up (to some extent). Check out the site, linked above, to see our current principles and projects (some of which are directly related to biohacking)., imho, is an obvious ally of the Zero State. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask here or shoot me an email at [email protected]

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to working with you guys in the (hopefully near) future!



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