Next Infrastructure Skype Call

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Hey guys next infrastructure skype meeting is being planned. Please go fill out the doodle poll if you plan on attending. We may need to break up into group or teams to focus on specific problems simply due to all the chaos and lag that comes from large skype calls.

Hope to hear from you guys :) 


  • im available all the times, so just imagine i filled out every check box

  • Ok guys, sorry to inform those who can't make it but the most people could make it on Friday the 13th 8p-9p. We will do our best to keep good notes. maybe instead of on skype we will do it on google hangouts and do a live broadcast. Those get recorded, so that those that can't attend can see what happened.
  • If it's a Google Hangout, I won't be able to attend, because of conflicting network parameters which are out of my control.
  • Commenting for reference
  • I won't be able to make that. It would be awesome if you put a link to the recording up here afterwards.
  • Aye, I've got a bunch of stuff lined up this evening so I can't go, but I look forward to the notes and news on what happened :)
  • @BirdMachine and @jrslagle you motherfuckers are breakin my heart :'(
  • Skype ? if so my skype name is timothy.s.cannon
  • How did it go?
  • @jrslagle it went well. We are going to be putting together a wiki-fest to generate a bunch of content. and then when we get to SfM we are going to do another wiki fest. I am trying to also trying to figure out how to sweeten the pot for contributors.
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