Pay with NFC chip??

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So, ever since I have injected my NFC chip, I have been looking for something useful I could put on it. Right now I just use it for fun and as an easy way to give people my phone number (works pretty well at parties haha). Anyway, I was thinking, what if we wrote some kind of program (like apple pay or something?) that we could write to our chip and store our credit card info. It would be pretty secure I imagine (I mean after all, it is in your hand). And I think it would be useful on days where you don't have cash or a card and need to make a purchase, you could just scan your hand with the credit card reader. 

I have no idea how apple pay or any other programs work so this may be completely impossible. What do yall think?



  • Well, If credit cards can be used to pay wirelessly, I don't see why NFC chips can't be made to do something similar. However, there's always the wonderful issue caused by maintaining the security of the device.
  • So it can be done? Or would it be to vulnerable? 
  • Can it be done? not with any of the implantable chips currently available. It is theoretically possible to make A chip which would let you pay with your CC, but it's probably beyond the means of anyone on this forum.
  • I've been using mine for my blog mostly, but I like that numbers idea :)

    A while back I tried just a large chunk of text, but it only served as a reminder of just how small the chip is. 888 bytes onboard storage is still pretty high for a human being considering the most common amount of physical storage space is 0 byes. With phones that use NFC to pay, as far as I understand it the NFC really only acts as the communications point. There's a whole chunk of other software on the device that manages how it works. I'll need to review some docs to verify, but I'm pretty sure that's how it works (Hence why with my S4, my ability to pay by NFC depends entirely on if the rom I'm running supports it. If it were solely the work of the nfc chip and no external software, that'd be less of an issue.)
  • Ugh, I have been working on a webApp using node.js and the MEAN stack, (still converting to angular.js though). Anyone that wants to help me write it let me know. it basically would allow the xNT to become a key for delivering custom web content by providing a GUID and tag combo tacked onto web address, this would allow the user to deliver the content once and then that link becomes forever "burned" and unusable after the first visit. A new link is pushed to your phone when the old link is burned, and you are alerted to push it to the xnt. This is going to require phone side code as well which I have started on.
  • I haven't had a chance to play with a stack like that before, but the web dev in me is loving the sound of this idea! I may be able to chip in a bit of time and code on the smaller bits, if nothing else. 
  • @BirdMachine Excelsior! lets do this shit! I will hit you up with details soon.
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