Bottlenose DIY Kits Coming Soon

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Hello fellow Grinders!

My name is Mack, a team member of Grindhouse Wetware. We at Grindhouse have noticed increasing interest in the Bottlenose project. We are excited to announce that we have been hard at work developing DIY Bottlenose kits that not only mimic previously released Bottlenose capabilities, but exceed them.

We will have a release date and more information available soon.


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    Have you guys tried using an induction coil as a sensor, to detect magnet movement near the coil? I was thinking it might be possible to acquire user input doing something like this, though it would have to be pretty sensitive to pick up the tiny signal from implant magnets, and obviously there would need to be some kind of system to switch between input and output...
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    caurinus  We are building them specifically to be hackable, so you will have access to the hardware and the code. We are going to be reaching out to the community to see who is willing to make there own project ideas with this simple interface. 

    So if that is something you want to do and you don't know how, be grinder yo, ask the community for help, and put the code and schematics up the wiki :) 

    Our purpose behind this is to get more people grinding their own projects rather than waiting around for others. I love the idea, so let me know if you get a kit and I will be glad to help you if you are just starting to learn code or EE

  • This is actually something Cass and I have been talking about, and I think we talked about it last week. The need for things to be open. More on that later...

    Point is, that's awesome :)
  • Anybody play with Xamarin before? It's a cross platform dev platform that you can create iOS and Android apps with (among other platforms). I love C# so far, but I'm just getting started with it. Xamarin was created by the guys who built mono, and much of the Gnome desktop.

    I just ordered a "bluno nano," an arduino nano clone with a Bluetooth LE radio built in. I think there's potential here for a smartphone interface, though it would have to be really simple.
  • caurinus good call. I will talk to my devs, let me know if you just want to work with us so you can hit the ground running!

    BTW C# is awesome! and I have used mono and loved it! OpenSim(reverse engineered version of Second Life) is written in C# and works through Mono. Very cool little project.
  • About how bulky would you expect this to be? I've hacked together a prosthetic hand (3D printed plastic and leather), and would love the possibility of integrating a bottlenose into my fingers.

    How small could you get an effective eye/sensor bit, sans feedback and power source?
  • @JustCyborgThings pretty fucking small yo. I mean we just started working with some new processors, MSP-430's and we are pretty decent at anything AVR based, and those can get 2x3mm. then its all about the sensor size, and that is going to vastly depend on the sensor you want.

    Most sensors now a days can get pretty tiny. accelerometers for example can get down into the 2x2mm range, same with almost anything that isn't using light or sound for its measurements. distance sensor, sadly, use either light or sound mostly.

    This for example, although the breakout is half the size of a quarter, the actual sensor could fit in that dead presidents eye.

    Here are a fuck load of sensors to get you started thinking baout what is possible
  • And by "project ideas", do you mean modules or kits designed for specfic purposes? Or is slapping together as many sensors and integrating them into the device count too?
  • @TheGreyKnight yeah man, sensory mashups, innovating ways to present data, novel sensory experiences. What ever your evil little minds can think up!!!
  • Cool! I'm still interested in using 2 different sensors and channeling the output from them to 2 different inductors. A lot of people (and me) have at least 2 magnets in their fingers. I have no idea how much better this would make sensing stuff, but it seems like your brain would be able to keep the 2 different stimuli separate...
  • @TimmyCNinja and @Mackdog, any update on a kit for building Bottlenose? Dying to get my hands on one or at least the components.  
  • @srawrmano We still have some kits available.Email us at [email protected] and we can discuss it.
  • Thought:

    External sensors/"attachments," connecting via BLE (or perhaps another low power radio source, but that's out of my wheelhouse). For example, a laser or ultrasonic rangefinder unit, which would also have its own battery source, and for which size won't be so important, as it won't be implanted or integrated to a body.

    Similarly, the concept could be expanded to allow for external "compute" modules and such, which would offload from the internal device's system, but could be used to perform more advanced tasks (ones that would not always be required, for example).
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