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Hey guys I created a doodle poll to work out what time and day we can have our skype thing. If you haven't used doodle it is pretty straight forward. Just check the boxes for times you have available, it will find the area with the highest overlap and I will go in and select the meeting and send out an invite.

NEWER MEMBERS PLEASE JOIN - some of us forget what it is like to start out so we forget what is missing and what will best help the beginners. Your input will be invaluable. 


  • bump bump mother fuckers @drjaaz where you at? lets try to get as many people as possible
  • may need to be a hangout or smehting im not sure how many skype can support
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    something like 10. And let's just assume that Cass is Skyping off the same line as me for ease.
  • Word. I feel like we just need a few more. It would be really helpful if an admin was involved since we are talking about potential changes to our tools and resources. @ThomasEgi perhaps?
  • I am going to leave the doodle poll up for another day and then select a meeting day.
  • Poll is closed Saturday the 24th 8pm EST. Mark your calendars
  • How are we arranging this? skype? I have @glims skype, but no one else's
  • I was thinking google hangouts but skype is good as well

    timothy.s.cannon is my skype name

    [email protected] is my email
  • If necessary, I can chain skype calls together. I've got the gear necessary, i believe. So, 20, tops, perhaps.
  • cool so via skype @ 8pm on Saturday Januanry 24th.

    Can everyone that will be around for it add me to skype contact before then.
    TheGreyKnight  thank you sir. I doubt we will need it though. it looks like 4 or 5 people filled out the poll :)
  • Shoot, Something just came up and Im gonna have to bail sadly. My apologies! I have a good hunch that the results of the chat will be posted at least :) looking forward to reading it!
  • @BirdMachine, frankly I would rather more people attend than have it on that day. I can reopen the poll so you can re input your availability. I mean everyone put saturday @ 8pm and I was like there is no way everyone is as lame as I am that the best choice for Saturday night fun is a discussion about tool frameworks and infrastructure. :P
  • Didn't get a chance to participate in the poll, but I think I'll be able to be on at that time.
  • skype name


    if we are resetting the date and time, let's do this quickly. we have a tendency to ... talk stuff to death around these parts
  • Well then fuck that. Saturday it is
  • Here's a thought. We could hold a meeting/conference every Saturday/every other Saturday.
  • Unfortunately, I will never be involved then. I work Saturdays. I'd like to be involved. Let me know if times get changed.
  • Tossing my new skype name into the ring for future shenanigans, tiniestFinch
  • Ok, let's try for a weekday night.
    Can we please reopen the survey?

  • allow us to procede to debate the date of this for the next three years..... :P
  • poll closed. tomorrow 9p EST
  • I may still be able to make it, I'll try to be on skyoe at that time.
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