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  • You are totaly correct, I only suffered a little bleeding, possibly from having my hand in cold water for a few mins before I made the inscision, The wife is a therapist and believes I have a blood phobia as this sort of thing happens to me every time i visit a hospital, as a patient or a visitor. hah.

    I didnt fear cutting myself, not as mush as fainting onto the scalpel anyway. :S


  • I did my first magnet last night. I had purchased one of Steve Haworth's from him and inserted it in my left ring finger.

    I tried a tourniquet on my forearm at first but this caused more bleeding from the pressure it caused. I soaked my finger in ice with a glove on for 15 mins followed by many injections of bupuvicaine all over. Numbed it up like a champ!

    I used a scapel to cut in the upper side of my pad through the skin. I then used a pointed metal rod 2.8mm diameter and twisted it in the hole until I reached near the pad center. I inserted a 3.2 or 3.6 rod in that hole and made it bigger. I used some saline irrigation to clean out my newly made tunnel and using plastic tweezers I inserted the magnet. I didn't have much trouble getting the magnet in there and keeping it in place, likely due to the plastic tweezers not pulling on it upon removing. I shot some more saline in the wound and using a straight needle I put a stitch in the center of the hole. My suture knots kept coming undone when I cut them short, so I put some dermabond(skin glue) over it as well.

    I can pick up a staple with my implant so far, but it will be a healing process until I notice the waves. I worry I may have put the magnet in too deep in my fingerpad... Would it matter if I did?
  • Sensitivity might be low if it's too deep, but I wouldn't worry about it yet: it was a good 6 weeks before I reliably felt anything from mine (and sensation still occasionally drops out if my hands have been in water for a while and the skin's loosened) - give it time to heal around the implant.
  • Well then luckily playing with a strong
    Magnet caused it to raise up. So it is under the skin but not deep in the tissue.
  • out of curiosity, has anyone tried using opiates as an anesthetic? in australia poppys grow everywhere and extracting opiates from them is reletively simple. im assuming that this has been thought of already and theres a good reason not to?

  • Are there opiates that can be used as local anaesthetics?  Usually, local anaesthetics are derived from the coca plant.
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    not that i know of, but i thought they greatly reduce pain sensations and depending on the amount you could stay lucid enough to do the procedure?
    i dont have any experience taking opiates as you can probably tell.... haha.

    so this definitely sounded a lot better in my head. i dont think ill need anesthetic anyway, since ill be using a needle.
  • @SovereignBleak , you mention the method used in this video is outmoded, what would you recommend instead? cylindrical magnets + rfid applicators seem to involve a lot less intrusion, but the circular magnets are a lot more common.
  • Also, @SovereignBleak , I'm curious about how much mL of xylocaine you injected, and what concentration it was (2%?), and how deep you injected it..
  • The silk road got shut done on october 2nd 2013 :(
  • I saw your implantation video and I would like to say its the best implantation video and also my favourite. I noticed you implanted more than 3 magnets, one on each finger, and I would like to have atleast 2 magnets on my left hand. I have a few questions about your placement. Has the close proximity of your magnets caused any problems or issues with feeling electromagnetic fields? can your fingers feel the magnets that are next to eachother? 
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