i'm goin for it ! ( magnet implant)

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from what i've read in the " so you want to put a magnet in your finger" thread, i feel like i can go ahead and do the procedure. i have a few 3x3 silver plated neodimium 52's and am planning to use some food grade silicone to coat them, since i looked at steve haworth's site and saw his were coated with silicone. and the whole thing with "food safe" is the fact it's not an allergen so it won't contaminate food, so i'm guesing it sort of means it's not so toxic.
that's the idea anyways. 
planning to do this in a few weeks once i get the cash to buy the silicone, 


  • all helpful info appreciated! 
  • the size concerns me a bit. and by a bit i mean a lot. those are huge and subsequently very strong magnets. you'd have to be supercareful or you'll be damaging the area. as to the coating it's far from ideal and will bulk up and already bulky magnet. i suggest buying one of the m31's as they really are great and easier than trying to coat something yourself.
  • I'd stick to the guide's recommendations for now, bioproofing and all that too.  I'll implant soon enough myself. 
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    There's a guide!?
    edit: i'm half joking, half serious.
  • ok so i checked out the m31 and it looks good. ima take your word and save up. i'd rather have peace of mind that it's already pre coated and safe rather than have to silicone it myself and be scared about it not being done well.
  • as for the cut, how deep below the skin should it be? i'm not too sure about that although you probably have a pretty wide margin of error for that... i mean if it's in it's in lol. but yeah...
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    Actually, if it's in its in, is not a good idea.

    What you are looking for is a cut in the subdermal area. Between the skin and the meat, as it were. Too deep and your body will kick it out. Too shallow and it heals out. Basically, you aren't cutting 'down', you're cutting 'between'.

    Please review the videos that are available as well as the threads on the procedure. A lot has changed even in the few years since people have been doing this themselves.

    Don't take any unnecessary risks, follow protocol, and use the appropriate tools.
  • I too am "going for it", but I'm no surgeon, so I'm going to Haworth.
  • I take it that you are using one of his mags then? Something makes me think he will be unhappy using anything else...
  • yeah, so after checking out the m31 i decided that i'd believe everything they said so i'll save up and buy one . after that i'll go for it. haworth is far away and the operation is pricey as hell. i'd rather be a man and take the pain and do it myself than buy in to that dude.
  • @Dragon5, where are you at?
  • Dude.Come see us :)
  • Beat me to it.
  • i'm in sac area. i would totally be up if it was like driving to san fran or somethin
  • I'm pretty sure someone is driving down from roughly that area. You could carpool...
  • wait what do you mean?  driving down to where? 
  • From Santa Cruz to the meetup location. Check out the flash dance thread for more details.
  • i found nothing about flash dance .... maybe pm me? also i would be willing to drive to san fran or sant acruz even though i'm bad at freeways :0 . to meet guys who  love this type of shit would be awesome and a rare opportunity. maybe we can even get my magnet done by one of you awesome freaks. but yeah, plz give date, and where i gotta go to. pm or whatev.
  • ok
     i found the thread. we all good
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