1 or 2 Magnets?

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I am finally, after like 3 years, getting my first magnet(s) implanted this month. I was originally planning on getting two paraleyne coated magnets (which ever ones Brian Decker uses), one in my ring finger and one in my pointer finger all on my left hand (which also has an NFC chip in it, hopefully the magnets won't mess with it any). However, it is kind of expensive and i have been doubting wether or not two magnets is worth it? What is everyone's opinion on this? Is it worth it to have two magnets? If i only get one magnet which finger should it go in? Thanks for any help! 


  • i just did two a few days ago (see other thread). i highly suggest it. it's expensive sure but there's no need to rush. save up and do it right. 2 magnets ought to give you good sensitivity as well as a more "3d" picture of fields and greater depth for exploration. i say wait it out and go for it
  • Well if it is really worth it I will do them both this month because Brian Decker is only going to be here for a week. Thanks for your input @drjaaz, I've heard about the 3d effect before, could you elaborate on it?
  • if i could feel anything then i would but i can't yet. but think of it this way. the more sensors you have the more information is coming in and the more your brain can figure out about the experience
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    Oh right...i forgot you just implanted haha. Ok thank you..I can't wait to get mine!!
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    The 3D effect is the result of the expanded awareness you can get when exploring a field.  I have four, one in each finger of the left hand.  I can spread my fingers out and sort of cup the field and because I'm feeling it from multiple sides at once, I can better appreciate its shape.  It is well worth it to get more than one in my opinion.

    No worries about having magnets and an NFC in the same hand.  I have one of @Amal's xNT chips in the same hand as the magnets.  No problems at all.  I know there's information somewhere on dangerousthings.com that recommends that the magnets not be implanted closer than two inches from the chip.
  • That sounds like a really cool feeling to be able to almost grab the field. However, i wish you had not mentioned that you have four magnets that allow you to do this...I had just decided to go with 2 magnets and now i want to get 4! :p
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