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We have a great tag system, a wiki, a search bar... We just blurb ish without thinking about it, and it all becomes useless. I'm guilty myself. We need to clean it a little better so that everyone can find information a bit easier and we don't have 8 billion posts on the same thing.

So, let's take some steps. It's a new year. We've all shook off the hangovers. Anyone who has started a thread, let's try to get some tags on those posts. TAG PARTY! c'mon y'all let's organize our shit! 

All you need to do is go into your profile, click on your discussions tab, and then get up to the first post and edit it to add the tags.


  • the wiki needs an overhaul though, or at least fleshing out
  • The wiki needs all the things. I jumped into it when I first got here. I ran weeping when I realized the scope. 

    Let's start with tags and just see if everyone can handle that...
  • Went ahead and made sure all of the discussions I started have their respective tags. Not much however I imagine every bit helps.
  • Tagged all my threads.
  • Dun tagging! and TIL that you can only put 5 tags on a thread
  • all tagged
  • GO GO GO!


    Hey @Jack can we get some of the old foggies to pay attention to this? Can we see the tags? poketypokepoke!
  • can we have a community push for the wiki? hint hint nudge nudge NUDGE (nudges with sledghammer)
  • @drjaaz we talked about that last week. its tough, it actually requires some thinking and organization. We have to talk about not just cleaning it up, but how do we make it into something that will make it easier to grind. We need tools, resources, and protocols.

    Perhaps we could set up a hangout or skype to chat it out? Anyone else.
  • im down for a skype thing. i mean that was sort of where the lab manual idea was going (sorry that life got in the way of that one). so if it was something we could add to slowly but regularly that'd be good. or if we could get it up to date and then one person was assigned to keep it update or something
  • Down to skype whenever.

    Assigning people is a road to one person putting it off for too long and then it's their fault. We should take turn. Make a calender. Organize. We're all mostly broke students and post students. Organization is the only resource we have...
  • Just went through the three I've started, all tagged up and tidy :)
  • Hey guys I created a doodle poll to work out what time and day we can have our skype thing. If you haven't used doodle it is pretty straight forward. Just check the boxes for times you have available, it will find the area with the highest overlap and I will go in and select the meeting and send out an invite.


    NEWER MEMBERS PLEASE JOIN - some of us forget what it is like to start out so we forget what is missing and what will best help the beginners. Your input will be invaluable. 
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    make this a new thread plz, just so it pops up at the top

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