Vapor delivery device

I quit smoking a while ago, but needed the ritual to stay off them.  I know, I know, shouldn't need it but it does get me thinking.

Propylene glycol and glycerol are vaporized and used as a delivery system for nicotine, cannibinols and, at times, caffeine.  So, what other and more useful meds can be delivered this way?  It would need to be stable at vaporization temp, soluble/miscible in water, ethanol, propylene glycol, or glycerol.  I'm not saying we should be testing, just a nice brainstorm.


  • Here ya go :

    Standard boilerplate glims speech about not being an idiot and frying your lobes.
  • I've never heard of this site. How was your experience with vaping Noopept? I've attempted to vape PEA before via titanium nail, but the taste is enough to not make me want to try it again.
  • I have personally not tried this. I would be very careful with this type of delivery method. Chances of getting doses wrong, plus the dearth of info on this make is a little iffy for me.  People note an increase in onset level of sensation, and speed of it wearing off.

    Somewhere on r/nootropic there is a thread about this. It was a while ago and I havent seen much since.
  • Personally I hated noopept. My friend loved it though but it made me ungodly sick. Also it tastes metalic and like plastic. But you can tell pretty clearly when it's started working. I'd stick to drinking it in a cup of water. Vapour is sketchy.
  • Oh noopept and your horrible, terrible, godawful mouth-destroying taste. Just picture chewing on burnt hair that's also been dipped in acid. Breakfast of champions! :D
  • Use a fair dose of cough spray/oral numbing gel, all over your tongue. Might help.
  • I agree with glims on dosing problems; it's close to impossible to measure and take a dosage while vaporizing on a traditional e-cig wick. In my experience, there is no advantage to vaporizing any substance (medical/recreational/nootropic/etc) that has other methods of administration, plus there's less risk of lung damage. 

    All this to say that I am curious and would try to mix some noopept-juice myself but I don't have any powder. If someone is interested in trying it, I would try using steel-mesh wicks instead of cotton so you can accurately drip the noopept solution without burning any cotton. It would be very interesting to vape l-theanine, but I'm sure the molecule wouldn't survive the vaporization process.
  • Would utilizing a jet mechanism be more effective, in addition to allowing more precise control of the chemical dosage? A nebulizer might work, if the pressure doesn't damage the solution.
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