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As you may have noticed, there is now a Bitcoin wallet for

Any funds collected into this particular wallet will be used for the purposes of provisioning a new server for the next incarnation of (and paying for it thereafter). Our target is to find a host for around 10-20 USD / month, so I'd like to collect 40-60 USD worth of Bitcoins (~0.15 BTC at current rates) before setting anything up to have a healthy buffer.

You can check the balance of the Bitcoin wallet here: This site runs a small program that fetches the current balance of the wallet every 3 (+/-) minutes. The source for this application is available here, for those that are interested:

This is a bit of an experiment to see how using Bitcoin can make the community someone self-sustainable. I'd like this to also be as transparent as possible concerning gathering and allocating any funds donated by the community. When/if there are any donations to the wallet I'll add a log of (anonymized) incoming and outgoing transactions to the "ledger" site.

(There are currently no plans to collect donations through any other channel, neither government currency nor "altcoin".)


  • I sent some...don't have much, but something
  • I don't think i was supposed to say that....i'm terrible at this
  • Looks like I finally have a use for my dogecoins :) once, well, I find an exchange that lets me swap em out. This is good news though!
  • Thanks rodya. Every bit helps.

     Don't worry, pseudo-anonymity is just the default not a requirement. ;)
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