advice on coating my previously gold plated cylinder?

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 okay my lido has arrived (epi free) along with my sharps including a few scalpels and piercing needles in case i decide to use the needle method with one of the two types of magnets i have been looking at. i did as cassox said and found magnets that where gold coated and at n52. i intend to put one 1mm by 3mm cylinder in my ring finger and a 1.5mm by 3mm disk in my middle finger which should make it a little stronger than the m31 (but it will be fun to play with) on my left hand. i like the cylinder magnet because of all the hype on the site about their cylinders and i feel confident i can successfully implant it with a needle where as the other two magnets i'm less confident and more fearful of rejection however with enough time lurking around here i should be able to handle it. if not i should have at least one successful magnet. the only problem is i don't fully trust the thin layer of gold flash plating these magnets come with. i thought of getting a thicker gold plating put on or i've seen companies that can do parylene coatings at room temp. i assume these companies also have a minimum order that is probably out of my budget. so i guess i'm looking for advice on whether i should put on the thicker gold plating or a layer of parylene on the gold plating the magnets came with or maybe even both. also any companies that you guys have dealt with before for the parylene coating (or gold plating) or if you know companies that could do it for a reasonable price would be appreciated.i found a company that would put on another coat of gold for 5 dollars a piece but it will be brush plated on and idk how that will affect the quality. as always thank you guys so much for the input. im so excited and only waiting on my magnets to get here and then to coat them but the goal is to have these suckers in in three to four weeks.

link to 1mm by 3mm cylinder
link to 1.5 by 3mm disk
link to gold plating company
link to parylene coating company i looked at.

link to post where cassox told me to "keep looking until I found something that's N52 grade." and a little advice on lido for the curious.


  • What are you looking to accomplish exactly? On my phone, so I can't go into too much detail, but I'd try to stay with a bio compatible metal. One of the avenues I was exploring was electroplating. Rhodium looks like just the thing.... but it's prohibitively expensive. Titanium doesn't electroplate. Further gold, silver, etc are common place. Be careful if you go with parylene. I had a custom order made...and i got back a shitty undisclosed resin.I'm fortunate to have the ability to have cytotoxicity testing performed... I live with a specialist. It was one of the most toxic coating types we've seen. Worse than plain nickel.
  • some friends, three possibly a fourth and i intend on implanting a few magnets into our hands(i would also like one in each ear but that will be a future project). i know myself and one other want two and the rest one for now. seeing as i inspired their new interest in magnetic vision i am going to implant first. i really would like to use the small cylinder with the disk in order to gain the 3d sense i've seen talked about on the forum and i am curious as to whether or not having a magnet with poles on a different axis will affect that sensation positively also ease of insertion with a needle. i wouldn't be opposed to using the m31 for the disk magnet i want in my middle finger whereas in the beginning it wasn't the route i wanted to go because of cost until i read up on the testing behind it however if i'm already having to coat the cylinder then i may as well do the disks myself as well especially if it is cheaper seeing as a few of my buddies are hesitant to pay for the m31 as i was. most of them would be more comfortable with a needle insertion if mine turns out good as well. i believe i saw somewhere on the forum you were working on a cylindrical magnet however it was bigger so i assume more for power and less for sensation? so even if i decide to buy the m31 for my middle finger i still have the problem of coating my cylinder for my ring finger.

    side note: i thought about putting a temporary magnet for a few weeks in my leg or arm to get a feel for the scalpel, my skin layers, and to test the coating on the magnets i get coated myself. before slicing at my fingers
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    i reread the "so you wanna put a magnet in your finger." thread and stumbled across something you said and you described rather well what i would like to accomplish with the cylinder other than id also like to see how it affected my 3d sense seeing as i will have two magnets on the two nerve lines in my hand magnetized along different axles.
     Quote "See, I wonder about the orientation myself. I mean, sure. I expect no difference if the "north face" is "in" vs. facing "out." But, what about magnetized through length vs. diameter? I chose through diameter simply due to availability, but I could see this making a difference.

    I mean, through the diameter would seem to pull the whole disc towards the surface in one piece, while through the length would pull one end peripheral and push the other end deep. The magnet would pivot really. There must be a different subjective feeling to this at the very least." - cassox

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