grindfest flashmob for dazzle *does jazz hands*



  • Also just to confirm. I and one other biohacking friend will be coming from Australia/NZ. I will bring some new chips and prototype/in progress systems, as long as they are not confiscated at the border.
  • Me and my friend would love to come if the invite extends to newbies. It's a maybe though. We can definitely bring BBQ contributions.
  • Newbies are welcome :D

    A quick note to anyone who hasn't met me in person: I am like this all the time. This is not a clever net persona. There will be energy, poorly contained enthusiasm, and eyerolling. It will also be fun as hell. Just so everyone knows. It's not very sane down here on the property...
  • Do you reckon you'll be hosting more than one of these?
  • Hard to say. I figure it won't be a one off, but i guess it depends on how much fun everyone has this time :)
  • Got time-off confirmed, save some floor for me.
  • I'm starting to think tents at this point, but yeah, we'll leave a light on ;)
  • Nice @yashgaroth, it will be good to see you.
  • so i was thinking. maybe we need to set up something to have a role call of sorts for purposes of carpooling? maybe a city you're coming from and space in your car / if you need to get a ride or something ? i personally will need to carpool since i'm comin from sac and my little car won't last the long trip. 
    so suggestions ? 
  • I can offer 3 seats from to and from LA, but timing is bad, leaving LA around 7:30am on the 3rd, getting back to LA around 8pm on the 4th.
  • Will be in Santa Cruz leaving on the morning of the 3rd and will be a one way trip as I will be making my way back to Arizona after the grindfest. I can fit 3 smaller humans or 2 regular sized humans in the back seats as I am already bringing a passenger with me in the front seat ^_^
  • I'll be taking the amtrak from San Diego to Bakersfield bright and early on the 3rd, if anyone wants to talk shop on a train for a few hours (Still figuring the route back to LAX on the 4th or 5th)
  • @BirdMachine, what station? SAN (little italy), SOL (solana beach), or OLT (old town)? I'd be down to ride with you. You said you were planning on getting a rental car for a few nights? Any chance I could hitch with you to Tehachapi from Bakersfield?
  • I'm driving up from San Diego on the 2nd, and coming back down on the 5th. Just don't make me drive in LA unless it's absolutely necessary.
  • i suppose i'll be taking amtrak to tehachapi... planning to leave morning get there evening of the third. once i'm there i don't have a ride from the buss station so i may need  a ride... tenative plans if my carpool doesn't work out...
  • @FrankMatheson OLT, as far as I know! There's a bus from Bakersfield to Tehachapi that's /way/ cheaper than renting a car, and it doesn't require me to pay attention to the road, so I'm hoping to go that route instead. 
  • @BirdMachine The bus does sound like a better option. Are you taking the 7:12 train to LAX, then the 10:45 bus to Bakersfield? (And then the 100 bus to Tehachapi) Or is there some other, more direct route?
  • i've looked at the amtrak bus prices from bakersfield to tehachapi and they come out to about 100 bux or so for round trip... it's pricey as hell... but oh well guess that's the only option...
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    Between Bakersfield and Tehachapi is only 2 bucks if you go this route

    7:12 to LAX, then 10:45 to BFD :) then probably one of those Kern Transit buses. Not sure what the 100 bus is. Though if it turns out to be easier I may go with that instead.  
  • and here i payed 116 for amtrak ... i dissapoint myself...
  • Dammit. I'm way too busy working and schooling to go. I was hoping there would magically be a hole in my schedule, but it appears not. :(
  • magic and luck is the result of hard work oftentimes :P  sucks you can't come @FrankMatheson
  • hey guys @BirdMachine @Dragon5, whoever else. I will be arriving in LAX at 1030am on monday and I am renting a car. if anyone wants to ride along with me, let me know
  • Damn - Came down down with pneumonia. Terrible timing. Hope you guys decide to do this again sometime. I'm going to miss this round. 
  • @meanderingman - stupid fucking meatsacks.

    If anyone else is driving down from the Bay area, I'd like to get a ride! I have gas money and stuff.
  • I was also in meanderingman's car.  Worst case scenario I'll rent a car myself and can pick you up, Helyx.  Anyone else on the way from San Fran that needs a ride?
  • @TimmyCNinja if only you had spoken sooner. i would have saved money on amtrak.. oh well. what time are you driving back to the airport?? cuz i planned to leave on the sixth
  • Quick brainstorm thread on curing pneumonia?
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    Or using it to our advantage - I seem to be using my right lung to incubate an complex collection of bacteria. We could save on valuable lab space. 

  • Well, turn of events, I rented a minivan.  I can give rides to up to 6 more people between San Fran and anyone going to grindfest or soccer practice. 
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