grindfest flashmob for dazzle *does jazz hands*

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JAN 7-8-9

Yeah, this actually isn't a clickbait title. We need your help. We need the grinder mob in full physical.

Wanna meet some people?  

@DirectorX @glims @Cassox @Amal @TimmyCNinja and more will be down at the SfM lab spaaaaaace, grinding in real time on the above dates. TBH this will include lots of yelling at eachother, but I figure y'all expect that. Why is this happening? Well, that's a secret... ;)

What I can guarantee :
Tasty foods!
@glims and @cassox probably striking each other
IBC totes being turned into aquaponic tanks
The whole crew building cool toys
Magnets magnets magnets!
People getting cut
@Amal being the calm voice of reason
A dentist chair from the 70s
Kittehs! (we have 4)
A labspace that makes you question our judgement and a surgery spaaaaaace that makes you realize that we are serious
A greenhouse where you can hide if it gets too crazy

And it will all be recorded :D


  • AHHHHHH curse my living-on-the-east-coast style. This sounds like an epic gathering of epic folks. At least it'll be on camera :D 
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  • I have a couple like minded people that would love to head over. I should be free one of the listed dates. Excited to see what everyone's working on.
  • Update 

    The party has been pushed back a month :(

    I hope this doesn't mess with your planning @CitrusBolt

    Hopefully, that extra time gives some other people time to maybe come down.
  • Perfect! I was hoping to make a trip down there to visit in Jan/Feb anyways to meet face to face. Is there a date for the new meetup? 

    Btw - I'll be driving down from San Francisco. If any grinders in the bay need a lift just send me a PM. 
  • @meanderingman Pm sent! Hopefully my completely broke ass can make it down there...
  • First week of Feb-ish... Waiting on the New Years to blow over to get some more data on that. I'll update as soon as I hear

  • March 3 and 4 unless something comes up. Save the date

  • sigh. if only this was over a weekend, I'd go
  • Sorry dude, we had to make it during the week cause Cass works on the weekends. Call in sick ;)
  • .... not sure what my boss will say... but I can't miss this... see you all in March!
  • You said it was recorded... well is the video(s) on YouTube or something?
  • @MagneticJacob _was_ recorded? this still hasn't happened yet, it's been moved back until March...
  • Hmmm...I do have a video somewhere of Glims serenading me with some Belinda Carlyle but yeah, March is when it goes down.

    There will be blood, laughs, and booze. I'll also send an invite to Belinda Carlyle but no promises.
  • Due to unrelated reasons I will be over in Santa Cruz over the weekend and until Wednesday or Thursday depending on how the flights looks.

    Hopefully will be able to squeeze some time in there to spend some time around with you all!
  • Excellent. This seems to be shaping up rather nicely. Ever meet up I've been to has been a blast so far.
  • For the sake of knowing where to drive to I can imagine putting the address in public space might not be preferred depending how public you want the meet up to be.

    For those who still need the address what plans are there on distributing that?
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    SfM is located at:

    [address removed for privacy reasons]

    out in the middle of nowhere. google maps gives a little grief when pinning our location so i will give some wrap up directions to those who need them if desired
  • whats the best way to get there for out of towners?

  • I'll do one big instruction list when we get closer to time. It's not super hard, just awkward, cause google maps just drops a dot down in the general area and then says good luck.

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    k just looked it up. holy crap you guys are truly in the middle of nowhere. and far as i can tell there aren't many flights to tehachapi airport....

    so i guess the best way to do it is catch a flight to lancaster then drive up or catch a ride with someone.
  • I'll probably be driving up from LAX, if people want a ride...
  • Hm, March.... Chances are slim, but I might be able to wrangle a flight that way and the days off from work. 
    Given the middle of nowhere status, I'm guessing a car rental might be a good idea.  Looks like there are some relatively inexpensive hotel/motel options not too far away, too. 

    I can't really believe it, but I might actually get to make this happen!
  • LAX is really your best bet. The next reasonable airport is Bakersfield...
  • I've got room for one more person on the drive down from San Francisco. I don't mind swinging a little bit out of the way to pick someone up - Fresno or Bakersfield wouldn't be to much trouble. 
  • So my flight plans have been adjusted to driving plans instead. Will be in Santa Cruz for the weekend until the planned date for the event then will be driving my way over.

    It is possible I can provide some car space for those in the area as well. Semi on a restricted time schedule so keep in mind if you are looking for a ride from me, I will only be going one way then back to my state afterwards. Won't be a return trip back up north.
  • The most affordable tickets I can find from BOS to that-general-part-of-CA seem to be to LAX. So if anyone's driving by/through the area on the 2nd, a ride would be exceptionally appreciated :) @AlexSmith any chance you'll be driving through that day? I'm aiming to nab a cheep hotel/motel/hostel in the Tehachapi area and arrive the day before shenanagains, leave the day after. 
  • There are a plethora of hotels in the town (oddly enough, since there is little else).

    Now don't take my word for it, but if you take that hotel money and keep it in your pocket, we may have a futon for people.

    looking into buying bunkbeds...
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    finally got it up on the youtube. @glims serenades @DirectorX sorry for the crappy quality.

  • I'm gonna karaoke the ish outta you when you get here... -_-
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