Different Magnet shapes?

edited February 2015 in Magnets
I have been considering implanting a magnet into my finger for some time now but as I was looking at magnet prices etc I saw the different shaped magnets one can get and this got me thinking would a long cylindrical magnet not be a better option than the traditional disc. In theory a cylindrical magnet would be easier to insert have a longer surface area (in theory you could place it pretty much on the bone and have it as long as one of your finger joints). so by the looks of things its a all round better option am I overlooking some massive flaw that is the reason it has not been done before if so please tell me.


  • A cylinder magnet is easier to implant, but the field produced is inferior in some ways. Unfortunately, field size and strength doesn't have a directly proportional relationship. It may provide better performance. I'll implant one soon and write up a comparison (subjective).
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