Strength of TiN

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How strong is the coating of the M31?

Plastic is obviously fine to poke at it without damaging the coating.  But what about steel?  


  • Repeated friction with a strong metal will break the surface, but you can say that about most things.

    You can poke at it. It won't get damaged through standard handling with forceps or other tools.

    What metric are you looking for here? If I was just to throw something out, I would say that the impact and load bearing strength of the coating is "high". Beyond that, I would need a redefinition of the question.
  • I think that answers my question.  

    Basically, if I scraped it gently with a scalpel or poked it roughly with a hemostat to position it, that shouldn't damage the coating.  
  • Yah, should be fine
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