just inplanted my first two magnets

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howdy, I been lurking but i just put in two magnets yesterday. I had it done by a piercer, left hand ring finger and my fuck you finger (middle finger).

will follow up, hard to type with one hand.

the piercer said the titanium coating was new & he has samples but not putting them in anyone because he read particles are coming off and he dont think there safe, and that "they" are redesigning them, i assume they are his supplier.
any thoughts on that?


  • so i gone with 2 disk magnets with ptfe coating, i think, i know he said 4 letters starting with a P.

    bumped my middle finger 2 times not hard but hurt cuz, like you know it just been sliced and diced, i hope that does not lead to rejection.

    ring finger is no problem, middle finger hurts more but not bad. i think it just gets more stress.
  • luxlux
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    minor sensation! lol nah i noticed a odd sense in my 2 fingers, strangely enough at my over built gaming computer (particularly around the hard drive location) has multiple hard drives, 2 graphic cards, 3 monitors, and a bunch of electronics on the desk. imagine that lol.

    i was actually trying to let my first sense with the magnets be in the wild.

    has anyone had experience with not getting sutures, i just got gauze on. the guy said leave them on for 3 days.  was expecting sutures.
  • I sutured when I implanted using a scalpel.  All three I did that way had issues.  With the needle insertions (one 16 days ago, one yesterday), I did not suture.  The one from 16 days ago healed quickly and well (the one from yesterday obviously has not healed yet).  With a scalpel-based implantation, the entry wound is quite alot larger than the needle, though, so I felt like sutures were necessary.  A number of others had done it that way without sutures but I think they usually use Dermabond instead.
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