Magnets under fingernails

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Index is most sensitivity.
Picky is second.
Middle finger is ok for sensitivity.
Ring finger is least sensitive but hurts the least.

I know the sensitivity because of drawing blood from all fingers but thumb.


  • Oops sorry I was editing a draft trying to post this (I cannot post normally) and it bugged out and had the original draft.

    It should be:
    Would it be ok to implant the magnet beneath the nail. The fingernail could protect it from some damage and not interfere with anything.
  • I would be concerned about nail growth dragging the magnet out.  I know that bruises under the nail seem to gradually reach the end of the nail with time.
  • If you mean the white spots, those are part of the nail. And it would be implanted under the skin that is beneath the nail.
  • No, He's referring to bruises or wounds in and just under the nailbed. I've noticed this too, having torn my fingers up a number of times in various projects. If you implant under the nail bed, however, which presents a number of challenges in its own right, the amount of tissue available to fit a magnet is minimal. You could also damage the nail bed if you took any significant hit to the nail itself.
  • Is there room? Having just checked my fingers it is pretty much just skin, then a negligible amount of flesh, then bone. Reason it is put in the side is that it is in flesh but not in front of the bone (if it were in front of the bone grabbing shit would hurt like a bitch)
  • Also think about the density of mechanoreceptors under the nail. It's probably a lot lower than in the skin of the fingertip.
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