m31 after 2 weeks

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So I got an m31 implanted 2 weeks ago today here's the status, no problem just some observations.
Previous implant (for comparison):
I have had a parylene cylinder magnet in my left ring finger perpendicular to the finger, for 6 months.
The parylene magnet was pocketed and sutured by an experienced installer.
After 24hrs I had sensitivity at close to the same level it is now.
After a week the sutures were removed.
After two weeks it was relatively healed after a month it was pretty much totally healed. (bumping it didn't hurt any more)
I can lift a small screwdriver with it on the pole closest to the skin and a paperclip with the deeper pole.
With my phones magnetomer it registers as ~2100 units (microteslas?)

Installation of the m31:
Due to a misunderstanding the m31 was autoclaved in a Statim(sp?) The installer discussed this with Amal afterward and then discussed with me: were going to see how it does and then decide whether to replace it or not.
The m31 was implanted in my left middle finger off to the thumb side.
Due to the smaller size of the magnet we decided to not use sutures and see how that works (spoiler: worked great) just cover it with a bandaid for 24 hours.

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  • Within a few hours it was no longer continuously sore and only hurt when touched. (Took days with the parylene, likely because of the sutures.) 
    For a few days thereafter it alternated between not being sore and being sore, which I find a common experience with wounds - they get better so subconsciously I get less careful about bumping them into things and such and cycle repeats. 
    Swelling largely went down within a day or two.
    Bruising persisted for a few days thereafter. By a week later it didn't really hurt unless I applied medium pressure to strong or bumped it. 

    Current state 2 weeks later:
    The magnet only hurts if I bump it directly, and if I do its only painful for a few seconds. 
    The swelling and bruising is gone. 
    There is a raised somewhat redish/blueish bump around the implant. It's rounded and 2-3 times the diameter of the magnet it self. It's not just the outline of the magnet visible through the skin, it looks more like a pimple in terms of shape. 
    The skin above and around the magnet feels harder than the rest of the skin of my finger. 
    Also the skin directly above the magnet is somewhat numb, able to discern pressure but not texture. The numbness seems to be decreasing but that's hard to judge. Perhaps there's some scar tissue? 

    Overall the healing process has been very fast and smooth. 

    The first EMF sensitivity I had was a few days ago from the bass coil of a speaker at a club. I've commonly played with the field from this speaker with my parylene implant. The m31 currently needs to be about 3-4 times closer than the parylene one to feel the field. I assume if my skin is numb there's clearly some desensitization that presumably needs to resolve before I have full sensitivity.
    I can't fully pick up a paperclip, I can lift one end off the table but the full paperclip falls off.
    The magnetometer in my phone registers it at about 500 units.
    The two magnets are oriented in perpendicular orientations and do not interfere at all. I can't even feel the magnets with each other because I cannot bend my fingers in such a way that would point the poles at each other.
  • Just note about the m31s in case anyone has missed this. They are not large party magnets. They are small and designed specifically for sensation. We are designing a large needle implantable magnet (see thread about "big ass magnets") but that is a completely different size and power.

    An autoclaved m31 will have lost a lot of it's umph. If you are getting less sensation than a previous implant, I am not surprised.
  • Ya well if there is indeed a considerable decrease I'll replace it. Wanna let it heal first, also my installer needs to get more stock... 
    I'm considering putting another m31 in my pinky first, so that I could compare first hand the difference between a claved and unclaved magnet. Then based on that decide whether to go ahead with the replacement. 

  • I can guarantee you that the autoclaved is significantly weaker. We toasted a few and tossed them out. Not even worth using on the fridge.
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