Has anyone experimented with using moldable plastics as a bioproofing material?

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Instamorph, Polymorph etc. are PCL based plastics and should (in theory) be able to be used in bioproofing applications I was curious if anyone in the community has actually experimented with this and if so what were the results?

My assumption is that it would be similar to the "hot glue method" but with more consistency as they are generally pure PCL. If no-one else has experimented with this material I'll give it a try and let you know.


  • These materials are not suitable for implantation. Not only are they not bioproof, but they have a tendency to break down. 
  • only injection molding comes to my mind. HDPE would be an option.
    PLA is bioerodable, so it could be used for things like 3d tattoos which degrade and vanish over time.

    something moldable like.. no-pressure only flow based molds.. i don't think there's much around except medical grade silicone.
  • Yeah... doing more research it's definitely a bad idea. Oh well, it appears that there isn't much for low cost, easily used bioproof materials is there?
  • Well, You could use super glue, but that's... Bad for other reasons...
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