Energy Harvesting Wearables

Thought you guys might find these interesting:

Not particularly practical, but they are in some ways aesthetically pleasing. I almost feel like they were concept art intended for shock value. I know blood turbines have been on the table for discussion for a while, but given surgical limitations have been pretty much unanimously discarded as an augmentation route; what do you think of these? My first complaint is the inconvenience--imagine someone brushing up again the one in your arm--closely followed by all the transdermal issues over the long term.


  • I remember seeing this not long ago. While not really feasible, I can't help but swoon hard core over the designs (The nose bridge one would actually look kinda neat as a general nose bridge piercing, imo.) I love the look of subdermal piercings in general but the idea of getting caught on something and having it tear doesn't settle well with me. Combine that with end points that are actual literal needles drawing your actual literal blood and I'm out. 

    This also reminds me of a nose piercing I saw a while back. Or rather, a theory on how to produce one that uses a tiny fan on the inside to help power a tiny LED on the outside. 
  • I am thinking one for all, and all with one.  Check me out. I got real bio hacks I got done for me.  Surrounding did it.  Let me know if I can be of help.  I am into non intrusive manipulation of many aspects of our bodies. 

    After 34 years of life and learning about biohacking I realized that biohacks got to be done once fast, like laser surgery type of scenario, and produce immediate result that will be called biohack and you would become bio hacked for life.

    That what happened to me.  One time I bio hacked myself and got stuck with out off this world bio hack.  Ask me, help me figure out what I got.  Need research/investigation to be done on my bio hacks.     
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