Lip Implants

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Has anyone tried lip implants? 

I've read the best sites are hands, lips, and below the belt. Poking around here I've found some mentions of how the lips could be an option, but I didn't find anything saying someone had done it, and the results. If this has already been discussed and I just haven't found it yet, I apologize.

I've had a lot of piercings. I know a bit about my personal pain thresholds and where and how I heal the best. For example, surface piercings in the cleavage area have rejected multiple times. My lower lip has been pierced and healed very very well, multiple times. I also had the upper lip split open in a mosh pit, piece hanging off in a flap. It was sewn back together maybe 7-8 hrs later (once I realized it was needed +6 of which were waiting in the ER... I'm not SUPER irresponsible). So I am pretty sure that while sensitive, that area could handle some pain.

My current ideas (guesses) would be that going in from the inside of the bottom lip would work best. That area heals extremely quickly and well, especially because I know how to care for it properly. I was thinking of using the injection method to introduce two cylinders, one on each side in the bottom lip- parallel to the gum line but higher into the fleshy part.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this: advice, cautions or warnings, reasons this would not be a good idea, methods or materials that would be best... this is a fledgling idea so any input would be appreciated.


  • I bought an m31 with the intention of installing it in my lip. My piercer had only installed Haworth magnets so he wasn't comfortable installing an untested magnet in a location where he had never installed a magnet. He put the m31 in a finger, which was my second choice, and I've been keeping up to date with him on the healing process. Once he has faith in the magnet he will be willing to install it in my lip.

    I think there is merit in the idea of a magnetic lip implant and I would be happy to hear anyone's criticism of this idea.
  • Well, I'm sort of wondering how functional an implant in this location would be. Probably only good for sensing larger magnetic fields or for integration into a haptic device. 
  • I was curious about it from a sensitivity comparison. I know the kinds of range I get from a Haworth magnet and in a couple months I should have an idea about the range of my healing m31. Perhaps the lips would prove more or less sensitive, either way something would be learned. Plan B, I miss my labret piercing and I could always stick a steel BB on my lip when I want to dress up but not have a hole in my chin.
    I had hoped that holding the lip magnet between my teeth would allow for some bone conduction audio using "Invisible Headphones." I tried by putting a small magnet inside a sleeve of surgical rubber but unless I was also biting the headphone coil I got nothing. My finger magnets were going nuts though. Even the m31 which was installed two weeks ago was giving me serious sensation.
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