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New here, researching, and my excitement has been growing exponentially.

Going to school for biology/biotech. Eventually hoping to move on to microbiology. I'm very interested in diseases and parasites.
Gene therapy seems to have a bright future though, more money there and still seems fun. I have a passion for learning, so maybe I'll just study different biology branches until I croak. 

I stumbled upon this site, and the idea of implants while researching "biohacking" in nutrition. I find this all extremely interesting. 

I've been pierced around 2 dozen times, and used nutrition and supplement stacking to get the most out of my quest to lose weight. I lost 80 lbs, which I unfortunately have since gained back. (Went from 8+ hrs manual labor almost daily to school and 2 jobs where I use my brain tons more than I use my body!) I was trying to get back into "biohacking" via food and supplements, and now I'm hoping to fit this stuff into my busy life as well.

Other fun facts about me:

  • My nickname is "CK".
  • I live in New England- Lovecraft's old stomping grounds actually. I think it's great to walk the same streets, and have a hilarious story about the first time I tried to visit his grave right before moving here.
  • I love science fiction. Have a pretty good little collection of old Analog magazines gracing my bookcase.
  • I'm in two indie, low budget horror films. Got to learn cool stuff to do with makeup and prosthetic pieces.
  • I'm a (very picky) anime fan.
  • One of my jobs is in science education enrichment. Grades pre-k through 6. It's amazing.
  • Not quite "straight-edge" but I live alcohol and drug free (sober)... barring a little bit of nicotine, I do vape. Oh, and lots of caffeine.
  • Try on a daily basis to evolve and better myself.
  • Addicted to live metal music. Multiple sub-genres (which can confuse me, if I like it that's really all I need to know).

If you share any of those other interests I'd love to discuss those as well! Always looking for like minded people to chat about new things. I love to learn and I'm not really afraid to admit ignorance of a subject. I don't know a lot about this, but I am wiling to admit that and humble myself enough to ask for guidance.

I'm fascinated by the idea of gaining a new sense. However, I'm doing my best to be patient and not rush into things. Once I get wrapped up in something I have a tendency to overdo it. I'd like to be properly educated enough to be safe while modifying my body. I'm hoping you will be gentle with me and forgive anything stupid I may blurt in my enthusiasm.

Best regards,


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