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I am relatively new to the grinding scene however i have experience with other body modifications such as gauged ears, snake bites, tongue piercing and a smiley piercing that i have done myself. I have also done a few of my friends snake bites. i did these with appropriate sterile clamps needles and protocol to be as safe as possible Although i know sterile procedure for these piercings is not near as strict i am no stranger to precaution and intend to do much research before i proceed. the question i have at the moment is regarding these magnets i have come across they are gold plated and i assume they are plated much better than someone could do at home maybe even to the extent that a second bioproofing would not be needed if implantation was handled carefully? although i will probably do so anyway to be extra safe. these magnets are 1.524mm by 4.064mm and 9000 gauss i am curious to know how these would compare in strength and sensitivity. i realize that trying to predict the resulting sensitivity of these magnets relies on many factors and would merely be an educated guess however the experienced members of this community would have a much more accurate guess than mine i would assume. another concern of mine is rejection due to the size of this magnet and the possibility of breaking or shattering it because of the width and everyday stresses. If anyone has magnets of this size or bigger with success or lack there of your insite would be appreciated. i know that i have covered a lot in this post but i have also done a significant amount of research and where as many of these topics may be covered other places there is a lot of conflicting information and since this is a pretty serious modification i would like to have my basses covered as to prevent harm to the one body i have. the reason i don't buy the m31 is i would like to have multiple magnets and as of now its out of my price range. if these magnet is not suitable i would also like to know if anyone has recommendations for similar platted disk magnets and other success stories with magnets and the extent of your magnetic vision other than the m31. umm other than that i think i have my implantation procedure down and i will have a friend nearby who is a trained medic for the military he will atleast be able to do my suture and drive to the er need be.


  • also seeing as these magnets are attached to a bandage what should i use to dissolve or remove any adhesive residue?
  • Gold eh? Not the worst possible coating. It's inert as long as it truly is 24k. There are medical implants that use gold as a coating. Please, let me know how it goes. In terms of the adhesive, it should dissolve well in 70% Isopropryl. The size is a tad large. My primary criticism is the 9000 Guass rating; this magnet is larger than the M31, but far less powerful. I would keep looking until I found something that's N52 grade.
    For example, take a look at:
    Good luck!
  • thanks for the recommendation those magnets look like a much better option. i would also like to know if anyone has experience with lido that has adrenaline in it. I think that it is supposed to help with bleeding however i don't know if that is safe in my finger. i know there is quite a bit on just lido here and elsewhere and with more research i would feel comfortable doing a digit block in the web of my hand but i have access to lido with the adrenaline and would like to know how beneficial or harmful it would be or if i should use a combination of the two to limit the amount of adrenaline i would get. also i was thinking of HDPE for my second layer of bio proofing?
  • I have lido with 10PPM adreneline (as epinephrine) in it that I snagged when it was used to numb my hand when I got 7 stitches in my thumb webbing. I asked the doctor about when he was doing it and he said it was used to control swelling. he put a bunch in my hand before doing the stitches (and showing me how!), so I think it's safe as anything.
    I didn't use any painkillers when I got my 2 m31 magnets in, and it honestly wasn't bad. Used a 10ga. piercing needle to make the pocket and just sorta stuffed the magnet in there. :)
    If you want a magnet that size just get the m31s already. They are stronger than anything else you will find, already bioproof, and easy.
  • i may actually end up getting the m31 at the moment i guess im just exploring my options i've recently started looking into bar magnets as well. does anyone know if the size of the magnet cassox recommended would have a negative effect on sensitivity?
  • You might go through some of the older threads discussing lidocaine/epi. I advise against it myself as does the majority of literature. Epinephrine is contraindicated for use in the nose, ears, fingers, toes, and penis because the vasoconstriction can cause complete occlusion. This means necrosis and tissue death. If your in a bind, Dangerous Things has an epi - free kit available. Some disagree with me on this and have even used lido/epi successfully. There is even a blog arguing the virtues of epinephrine. Rather than trying to start the discussion over though, just go check out the other local anesthetic threads.

    In terms of the M31s strength and gauging sensitivity in general - there are a lot of factors beyond mere surface gauss, and gauss/size ratio. Yes, the M31 is the strongest that I know of in terms of this ratio. If you wanted something stronger though it would be very easy to do: get a bigger magnet. You could lift bigger stuff but would be more likely to experience tissue damage and you wouldn't necessarily have better sensation. What we (SFM) really focused on when developing the M31 was field shape and size.
  • yeah sounds like i will definitely try to stay away from possible causes of tissue damage and go with the epi free. thank you guys so much for the help. when i make the final decision on the magnet and get those ordered ill be sure to video tape and post how things went. i have most everything i need except saline solution magnet and anesthetic. im so excited to join the club
  • @Helyx, I'm wondering if you could expand on the technique you used.  You say you used a 10 gauge needle?  That's physically smaller than the dimension of the m31.  Did you work the needle around to make the pocket larger?  Or did you literally "stuff" the magnet into a hole that started out smaller than the magnet?

    I'm curious because I wonder how the pressure being exerted by the magnet in the pocket affected healing (that is assuming you didn't widen the pocket with the needle).
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