This sounds like fun to play with: a blend of Co2 and O2... with higher than ambient CO2 levels. Unless your a COPD'er or freediver, the drive to breathe is via monitoring of CO2. Despite being more than adequately oxygenated, the high CO2 provides an impulse to breathe rapidly, elevated HR, sympathetic whatnot. Then.... apparently you have a psychodelic experience. Freediving results in some profound calmness. I wonder if it's similar? CO2 tanks and O2 tank are easy to come by. If you want to mix carbogen into a med type gas cylinder you'd need a transfiller though.



  • Bump because this sounds amazing. Should try it out at the gathering. Should be easy enough to set up.

  • How could it effect athletic performance?  Deep breathing is important for things like weight lifting and breaks during cardio. 
  • As far as performance goes, this will cause fatigue. I saw an experiment involving VO2 max where a person was given a CO2/O2 mix through a mask while doing some HIT on a stationary bike. It was actually used to induce fatigue. I can't remember why. If you feel like a google goose chase, this was on a bbc show that it mentioned in this story:
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