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Hello, I'm new to the community and was hoping that someone would help me find a professional in Michigan to implant the xNTi NTAG216 2x12mm Tag. plus I want to get get a magnet in each tragus, or at the very least a piercing or gauge in each tragus. i want something like this: . what kind of bioproofing should i use? should i get a different size? i want this to be used with my phone's music. so sound quality is an issue. I will also purchase this: . If there's anything better (more reliable) please tell me.


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  • Implanting the xNT is easy. It's just a plunger. Follow the guide and you will be fine. For the other stuff, hunt down a pro, especially if you are set on getting them put in your ears.

    Of course, I am going to say you should go with the m31... but it's because it's actually a great magnet, well designed and well tested.
  • Thanks @otptheperson. I guess is the best site, for my use at least. but there's no pros in my location. i have to search on my own. i already read that discussion, though. @glims I know it's easy, but I just don't have the stomach to do it myself. so I definately need a pro, but i can ask my cousin, who is a nurse, to implant the xNT. she's been in the field for some few years, so I feel safe with her. The magnets will require someone else, though.
  • Anywhere in particular in Michigan? We don't have anything on the Dangerous Things map but I could check to see if there is anyone I've been in communication with that might be able to do it.
  • i'm in Port Huron, but am willing to travel a couple of cities. where are your connections?
    i should also note that i haven't purchased the materials yet. i'm in the process of getting a new debit card. i just have to wait until then.
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    Update: i asked my cousin to do the implantation of the xNT, she agreed. i bought the xNT and m31 (x2). they arrived and now i'm just waiting for a good time to do it. we already talked about it a few times, she told me we could probably do it this week. i still need to find a person willing to do the magnets though.
    question: what are the benefits of having magnets in your fingers (other than to pick up random small things)?
  • In a couple of threads it is mentioned that the fingertips are rich in nerve endings. The lips and genitals are the only other locations with such dense sensory nerves. 
    If you do an image search for "homunculus nerve endings" you can see pictures of a person sized proportionally in regards to nerve density.
    There is a recent discussion about lip implants but I don't know of anyone getting one of those. Yet.
  • i forgot to mention that i also bought
    it works well, but i need to shorten the loop. they need to be able to fit around my ears without falling off. i saw someone post a picture of how they did it, but i cannot find it again. if anybody could tell or show me how it's done i would appreciate it.
    my cousin said that she would do the xNT implantation on tuesday, so that's now official.
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