M31 Implanters near Vancouver, BC?

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Hey there,

I was wondering if anyone knew someone familiar with implanting willing to install an M31 in my hand? I've been digging through the Dangerousthings partner list and there's only one guy in the Vancouver area. Can anyone suggest someone reputable that might be nearby? (I.e. not based out of someone's shed, sanitization procedures are followed, etc).



  • There are also some partners south of you in Everett, WA and Seattle. If I find one nearer to Vancouver, I'll let you know.
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    I know this is an old thread, but Russ Fox has experience with implants, flesh removals, tongue splittings and other "heavy" body modifications. He has done some work on me. I'm not sure what his experience is with biohacking, but his procedural knowledge is solid. Might be a good guy to reach out to.

    Edit: Update — just confirmed with Russ. He has implant grade magnets and has done several procedures. Will report back if I book with him in the near future.
  • I always keep a decent stock of all types of implants. I'm generally available in Vancouver over the summer and winter, then I tour in the spring and fall.

    Hit http://russfoxx.com/contact for bookings. :)
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