A Simple Biocompatible Matrix for Cellular Support and Accelerated Healing

The other week @Cassox hinted at a little project i was goofing around with regarding wound goo...
It's done! Here, have a link. PDF with protocol after the jump.

Have fun, test it out, don't do anything unwise.



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  • please dont do this without the proper tools. In this situation, autoclave means autoclave. You can get them online fairly inexpensively.

    Autoclaves are an integral and highly useful part of any grinder's toolkit. Its worth it to get one..
  • Ah glims you brilliant bastard. I am thoroughly impressed. Simple, elegant and I must say I'm excited for this. I've just began looking into similar areas as accelerated healing is something I've been curious about for a long time. I look very forward to making up some of this myself in the future. Also adding a proper autoclave to the lab. A pressure cooker works for fungal work but unfortunately not people. Now if only we could work out a biocompatible material that could be used to truly seal a transdermal and prevent infection, or more specifically allow the implant to bind to the skin and seal the hole. 
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