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Recently I recieved a PM from a new user (name redacted for reasons that will become clear):
can you please send me 10 neodymium magnets coated with gold about the size of 1mm and 2mm diameter cuz im planning on implanting them in my finger. also can you recommend me to a super glue or medical glue or whatever that will close up my cut. also please tell me the cost i live in the us.
I suspect messages like this are going to become more frequent as we become larger and better known as a group, so I think it best to nip this one in the bud. This was my response:
Good afternoon,

For legal reasons I am unable to send you magnets when you request them for the express purpose of implanting them. I must say that even if I was able to send you magnets at this point, I would be wary about doing so, since you are clearly uninformed about the procedures involved and
haven't even bothered to read the relevant forum threads before messaging me. The magnets I purchased for the group buy are not coated with gold.

I would suggest that you take the time to read the relevant threads and do some research into surgery techniques, tools and aftercare. It has taken me weeks to get to this point, and you should not rush either. Slicing open your finger with a steak knife, jamming in any old $5 magnets from Amazon (which aren't going to be bioproof, by the way) and covering your fingers in superglue is not likely to end well. You live in the US - can you imagine the hospital bill your parents will have to pay? Insurance isn't going to cover this one.

While I don't have any specific information regarding wound care, I would hope that you are careful enough to do your own research, instead of just relying on some "super glue or medical glue or whatever" recommended by someone you don't know, from the Internet, who doesn't even live in the US and doesn't know about products there. Surgery is not an option to be taken lightly.

Contribute to the community and do some research, and maybe you'll be able to get your own magnets in time (and you won't send yourself to hospital when you implant them either.)

I'll say no more on this, but I do have one final note: the first group buy is over. I have done my part, and while I do have a small number of surplus magnets (due to supplier error) they should not be considered available for purchase until or unless I say they are. @aoxfordca is the sole exception to this. Don't forget that I need some of my own. If people want magnets, please club together and try to organise a second group buy.


  • Thanks for covering your (and our) ass.  Rep +1.  We will have to speak about this in detail later 
  • Translation:  "can you please give me something that I can use to totally kill myself because I don't have the slightest fucking clue what I'm doing?"

    Of course, I should also stress that we all had this person's level of expertise (i.e. none) at some point.  When I first went on this forum, I hadn't the slightest clue what I was going to do if I ever got my hands on a batch of magnets, but now, some four months later, I have some of the tools I need (which does not include steak knives), and a pretty good idea of what the procedure's going to be.  Also, when I first started here, I wouldn't even have been able to tell you what was wrong with this guy's request.  Don't worry, he/she'll learn eventually, just as I did :-)

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    @Ian: Of course. I didn't want to be unnecessarily harsh or rude, and of course I want the community to grow, but it is dangerous to attempt something like this without undertaking proper research and precautions. I would heartily invite this person to try again, after taking the time to read and understand what's involved.
  • yes that was me,

    i know am new to this thing and all that. and am not that stupid to just get the magnets and cut my finger open and insert the magnet. what i wanted is to get the things i needed ready and do some research about it and stuff. even so i might not attempt this myself. i will just go to a piercing shop to do it for me if they could i had the right tools and after care materials

    Thank you.
  • @homeboi:  Welcome to biohack.me, by the way.  Hope you find this site stimulating, and that you eventually contribute to it :-)

    As for the magnets, don't worry about it; I think the point of this thread was to deter people who actually are stupid enough to attempt this without the slightest clue what they're doing, or at least protect our asses legally if they do.

    If you want a set of magnets for yourself, you should set up another group buy by posting another thread under the "Group-buy" category.  I can't remember where we got the magnets for the one we just did, but I'm sure @MrWizrd would be happy to give you that information, what it costs, etc. once you're more well-informed on the subject.


  • It occurs to me that we should keep an FAQ on here for questions just like this (although, since we haven't yet gotten any questions asked frequently, it would be more a page on expected FAQ's).  It would contain answers to questions such as "Where can I get me some magnets so I can put 'em in me?" and "Are any members of this board medically or legally certified?" and would hopefully prevent PMs like this.
  • @Ian You're welcome to start an FAQ on the wiki.
  • @SovereignBleak:  Great idea, actually; I'd forgotten that anyone could add a page there.  I've put a few questions on there, and I'll add some more later.  Anyone who wants to improve it is of course welcome to :-)

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