candian eh?

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it seems a lot of you are based in the states but im curious if anyone is hunkering down for the winter in the coldass north. If anyone is maybe a newly cyborg-d meetup once implants and such are done?


  • im either in Vancouver or Ottawa
  • im ottawa myself
  • i might be back in ottawa soon, ill it you up if i am!
  • I'm in Toronto.
  • Bugger! If only I'd known this a few months back, it would have made buying a copy of that 2009 RFID implant documentary Tagged - which is only available in Canada - far easier.
    It's well worth the C$15 purchase price BTW.
  • Maybe our canadian friends can supply us with a few copies?
  • You're welcome to use my mailing address if you want, TheGreyKnight.
  • I'm in Montreal, and also in Winnipeg sometimes.  If there's a meet-up I can make it to ottawa or even toronto pretty easily.

    Still waiting for my M31 to clear customs though ...
  • ^my life right now. checking the mail every few hours for the things XD
  • anyone's clear customs yet?
  • just got word from @idps that their magnets have cleared customs and have been delivered so the rest of ours should be here soon!
  • My phone won't allow me to type in the threads doe some reason. Here's a message I sent to drjazz. I found a way yo paste in still. 

    In reply to your post in the Canadian thread, can you update that I have (Edmonton Alberta).
    My phone won't allow me to post in the threads for some reason (the text box keeps closing) you can also post the tracking number if you want.
  • Received mine today.  Ordered August 13, shipped Sept. 26.
  • where in canada are u? i feel like mine will be here tomorrow or the day after at the rate everyone is getting them
  • why two rfid? why not go for a magnet instead of one of them?
  • I'm in Montreal.  I imagine yours can't be far behind.
  • I've been to Toronto.  Seemed like a nice city.  It was so... clean.  Anyone around there taking American refugees?  Or just looking for roommates?  I'm stuck in the rhinestone stud on the American bible belt atm.  Want out. Am looking at Denver CO, but also seriously looking into Toronto.  Any info or advice on the Toronto/Canada from residents or folks that have made the move would be greatly appreciated.  Feel free to PM.  Don't wanna clog this discussion up. 
  • if you're gonna come to canada either bc or ottawa. some people really like toronto. i find it too busy and crowded. sure u can find whatever u need but the price is the clusterfuck of people. ottawa has the small city feel but is still a big city. bc basically everything is legal cause the cops don't care or refuse to enforce certain laws. that's my 2 cents. still waiting on magnets :(
  • @drjaaz Ha. Both sound like my cup of tea. BC may be more my thing though based on your take.  Mainly looking for laid back, liberal, and secular.  Thanks for the input.
  • sounds like bc XD although ottawa is up there. but bc is warmer and prettier but more expensive
  • anyone else get theirs yet?
  • has everyone received theirs? im still waiting on mine. could just be a problem with customs? i dunno.
  • Any luck yet drjaaz?
  • no nothing yet. 
  •  Still stuck at customs?
  • ya should be here anytime though
  • Hi everyone,

    I am working on a radio series about digital technologies produced by Radio-Canada/CBC. We would like to get the point of view of someone who has tried body hacking. 

    The idea is to briefly explain what body hacking is and the philosophy behind it, and to talk about your own body modification and the changes it brought in your life.  

    It can be done anonymously. The only requirement is to be Canadian. Speaking French (even if not perfectly) is a plus. 

    If you're interested you can contact me at [email protected]

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