Team in France

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I am a new comer in biohacking, I have always looked at it but I never got time to actually start working on it. 
Anyway, I am now a freelance and got plenty of time to start working on body hacking. 
I am looking for pal here in France; I think the learning curve would be much better if I could stick to some team and avoid some beginner / potentialy tragic / possibly dreadful mistakes.
I am in the process of reading all your posts ... may takes quite a time. ;)  
Is there any "state of the art" around the web which I should really read ? 

Thanks :)


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  • Bonjour Gpy1123,
    Je cherche justement des biohackers en France pour parler des implants électroniques RFID ? C'est un type d'implants qui vous intéresse ? N'hésitez pas à me répondre en MP :)

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