Planning an cylindrical magnet injection

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Hello. I plan to insert a small cylindrical magnet into my left ring finger via small incision and RFID applicator. I will be using ice and lidocaine as an anesthetic. There is no beginning to end explanation of how to do so that I can find, and as the magnet will be VERY small, I'll end to target the nerves. As all the group buys have passed, I'll need help finding the right size magnets. While other members have linked stuff, some of the products are discontinued, although I'll update this as I find more options. As people here have experience, does anyone has suggestions for a small cylindrical, parylene coated magnet? (Diameter dimension must be no more than 1.5mm.


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    Is there a reason to why you prefer a cylindrical magnet as opposed to a disc magnet?
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    A cylindrical would allow me to get a slightly larger one in terms of length contributing to volume without having to use a larger needle.
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    I am asking because Science for the Masses and Dangerous Things have created the first magnet designed for implantation. It is bioproofed with a titanim nitride coating that far surpasses parylene, teflon and silicon coatings. However, it is a 1mm x 3mm disc. You should check out the "New Magnet Design Beta" discussion for more information.

    **EDIT** Here is a link to the thread:
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    So your main reason is the insertion method, correct?
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    Yes. I have looked at that project for a long time before registering, and checked the dangerousthings link. While it looks great, a 3mm (interior) size needle is a bit too large for me.
  • The diameter you want is 2mm X 12mm. This will fit an injector. A cylinder model is in the works. I won't tell you to hold your breath as we've just now begun testing 'em and it's a lengthier process than I'd like.
  • Cassox-Thanks for clarifying. Your work is very impressive.
    In that case, I guess I'll look into your TiN coated piece. A 3mm isn't that big I suppose
  • I'm not sure why you insist on the rfid aplicator. honestly it's safer and easier for the disc to use a scalpel. with the rfid apllicator you'd need one that's absurdly large and would likely do a fair amount of tissue damage.
  • Hmmm, I don't think he meant he'd go with an injector for the disc. Either way, yeah. If one is going to use an injector then a disc is out of the question. I mentioned the disadvantages of cylinders in my last blog update, but I've never had one myself. Numbers lie. I could totally see them being something worthwhile as it one end would depress and the other rise. This might make for greater sensation for all I know. On paper, the field strength etc. isn't great, but I also measured from tip. The maximal point is probably at some weird offset. I'm seriously interested. I'll likely place one once I get a batch ready for comparison.
  • Like AmmonRa, I have a 3x7mm N52 cylinder that was inserted by needle. The procedure was quick and almost blood-free. My wound didn't require stitching, healed beautifully and now I have hardly any scarring - even I struggle to point out the exact spot. Performance-wise, I get great EMF sensation and can pick up cutlery, lighters, large keys, scalpels etcetera.
    For somebody planning a DIY insertion, I think the benefits of using a needle outweigh the risk of minor tissue damage. Though I'd be careful about selecting the RFID applicator - some require considerable force to depress the plunger and can be quite jarring. The newer versions offer a far smoother injection in my experience.
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    you may have got the wrong person, I don't have a cylindrical magnet, only a disk. but I agree about the applicator, some are really bad, make sure you get a good one. in my personal experience, the long straight applicators suck, the short ones with perpendicular 'handles' tend to be much better.
  • Guys, all of this is very helpful. After thinking it through, I'm going to get one of the ones sold on dangerousthings, and have it inserted by a professional, probably Brian decker. If that doesn't work out , I'll attempt a needle implantation with a different magnet. Thankyou all for the advice.
  • hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum. i recently ordered the m31 and am going to get my first implant hopefully here in the next 3-4 weeks. i am doing it home with my roomate who will just be supervising just as a precaution. originaly i was going to use a scalpel and insert it that way, but i have decide thati am doing to use a hollow 3.5 mm needle to inset it in. i wish it was a cylinder so it would fit the needle better but i would rather use the m31 over another magnet i would need to coat myself
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    Please don't do that :( if it's getting supplies that's the issue, pm me and I can ship you almost everything you need. Use the right tools for the job, man; pipe wrenches aren't for machine head screws, even if you can kinda make it work, and this is your body and health we're talking about...
  • after reflection and reading your post, i think you right. i will probably go the scalpel way after i can get the money together to get all the proper tools. just wondering though, does anyone know if its possible to use an rfid implanter to put the magnet in? not doing it, just curious  
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