Fun with non-proteinogenic Amino Acids

There are some damn interesting Amino Acids out there; I'll list a few I find cool and I'll tell you why. Keep in mind I'm mostly brainstorming some stuff here because the boards have been too quite. If anyone wants to grab any of these things for a project... go for it. These are  amino acids that aren't coded for in the human genome. Some may be used post translationally though.

Norvaline - Lots of articles talking about it's use in speeding up tissue repair and enhancing muscle growth. Haven't found related journal articles yet.

Ornithine - Decreases fatigue related to it's role in breaking down ammonia/urea etc.

Homocysteine - A nasty one... perhaps look into methods of inhibition and whatnot.

Sarcosine - Being researched as a med for depression and schizophrenia.

Isovaline - crazy new analgesic that doesn't cross the blood brain barrier, mimicks GABA, and was discovered in a freakin meteorite. It's probably the amino acid used in Tribbles is you dig that sort of thing.








  • Norvaline orally gave me the shits. Its inhibits arg breakdown and acts as a vasodilator in the periphery. Unfortunately it reacts badly with a lot of peoples guts. Intramuscular delivery avoids this problem however.

    Ornithine - did nothing for me orally, but a trusted colleague claims good results on recovery rates from very high doses 500mg / kg bw.

    Homocysteine - Use 5g/d betaine to lower.

    Haven't tried the others.

  • i just had knee surgery and as a result have lost a ton of muscle mass. Would Norvaline help? is it dangerous? how would i get my hands on it?
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