Greets from UK!

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Good evening, one and all!

My name is Fade, and I guess I'm the new New Guy around here! I have been a non-registered follower of on and off for some time now, but as my knowledge and confidence expand, I felt it was about time to sign up. While I'm sad to say I don't have any educational or work skills to speak of that would benefit the community at large, I make up for it with strong enthusiasm for the weird and wonderful, no fear in the face of pointy things (for once diabetes is an advantage, HARR!!!!), and a love for new technology and old wizardry.. Not to mention a dire urge to type at unnecessarily great length, which I'm sure probably none of you will find endearing :3

As with many others here, my first order of business will most likely be a magnet implant. I do have one or two concerns though.. I use various pieces of tech pretty much all day, every day.. Mostly my PC, but sometimes routers, phones, laptops, the usual lot of WiFi gadgets, you get the idea. I'm well aware that these tiny little magnets are no issue for hard drives and the like, but sometimes I may need to swap out some RAM, pop out the BIOS battery, or remove a graphics card/motherboard from the case, things like that.. Being in pretty much direct contact with an implanted mag shouldn't be a problem for any of these components either, right? I just want to be totally, definitely sure - my computer is my baby! :p

If the answer to that is "All good!", then my next question is really just a matter of personal experimentation and preference! I figure that a few months after having my first mag put in, I'll get to the point where I'm either fed up with it, or I'll want to upgrade. I've seen a number of options talked about here, such has having a 2nd implant in another finger, or in the side of the hand. Is there any consensus on which fingers to use, whether that gives a more definitive 'feel' over a 1-finger-1-side installation or vice versa? Or perhaps you find a single mag suits you perfectly fine?

My apologies for the over-inquisitive game of 20 Questions.. If you'd like to ask me anything do feel free! Or just give us a spazzy wave, I'm down with that too :D


  • Welcome to the board :)

    questions in order:

    1- all good

    2- i'm biased obviously, but i suggest the m31 magnet available in the beta thread here:

    yes, sfm made that design, but it's also the only design that's been tested and it's also more powerful than your standard magnets dur to the process used to make them.

    3- @Cassox has been suggesting the ring finger first and then the middle finger. The reason being is that they are connected to 2 separate nerve lines, which should increase your feels.

  • Hey glims, thanks for the welcome, and the concise answers! :)

    Awesome, that was a big worry for me as I'm often handling different components, switching them from hand to hand without thinking about it and so on. If I can safely retrieve dropped screws from between the 'boards too, then even better!

    I have indeed just been looking at the new beta design, and am very tempted! The only thing that bothers me is postage to the UK effectively doubles the price.. As far as I'm aware that's just how it is with transatlantic shipping though. Brain says yes!, wallet cries for mercy D:

    That's good to know, I'll stick with your/Cassox's recommendation and start ring finger first. Would I have to expect proximity issues like 'sticky fingers' or mag migration having two so close together, or am I simply over-thinking it?
  • You should put them on the same side for each finger, for instance, i did the ulnar side of my ring finger. Now if you do this, there is a whole finger in between the two magnets and you aren't going to have your magnets interacting, or if so, only marginally.
  • Okay that sounds like a fine plan, thank you very much! I'll be sure to detail my endeavours as I go along and keep you updated :)
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