Sensory Enhancement, A Pilot Perceptual Study of Subdermal Magnetic Implants

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Hay Guys and Gals,

First of all I'm sorry I haven't been around for a long while, truth be told PhDs strip every second of your life from you. The reason I'm posting this thread is to inform all of you that I have finally submitted my thesis as I've received a number of emails from people asking about the results. The discussion title is the title of the thesis and as soon as I've got it through my exam I shall be hosting it on my (yet to be made) website and will post a link to it here. I see on here there have been some really cool hacks being made, for example the 'Magnetic Sense Trainer' looks totally awesome, its similar to an Idea I had back when I started, but stupid regulations meant I couldn't do fun practical stuffs... twas rubbish lol. If I can help in anyway please don't hesitate to contact me @ [email protected]

I hope your all good, keep up the good work :D

All the best,



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