How many people worldwide have magnet implants?

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I was just wondering how many people have gotten magnetic implants. I am aware that there isn't a way to know exactly but what would you guys estimate it to be? From my limited knowledge and awareness I believe its between 800 - 2000. Most of you guys have been in this community for much longer than I have and wanted to know your opinions on this.  Thank you!


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  • Hmm just guessing based off of the conventions I have heard about and how long it has been going on. My best estimate is probably around 5000-6000 however I am not deep in the field of implants so I am probably off by a few hundred to thousand.
  • I'd Fermi estimate it at 500, but I have no data on this.
  • @AmmonRa my estimation was very close to yours until I heard someone mention that Steve Haworth has "done thousands." However that seems like a very high number to me.
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    For what it's worth, I've four data sets on this. As of a year ago, my regular piercer said about two dozen. The few others I've talked to said 10, one said none and directs everyone to my regular piercer, and the fourth said zero, had never heard of it, but wants to start.

    My gut tells me two years ago it was a few hundred, now given the press probably closer to what @proxy says.

    Needs more sampling.
  • Only reason I would believe what Haworth has estimated is mainly due to the fact that he has been doing it to others for around 20 years. Past that it does seem rather high of a number, also it should be noted that having a magnet implanted and how many people who still have it implanted could be a very different number which should be taken into account.
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