RFID vs NFC Implants

edited February 2015 in RFID/NFC
It's been a while since I last visited biohack.me, and I thought I'd check up on everyone's projects. Needless to say, im back to checking the site every couple of hours. Anyways, I noticed on dangerousthings.com that both RFID and NFC implants are available. Besides the difference in prices and size, im not clear on which implant is "better". From my understanding, RFID tags can only be written once, whereas NFC chips can be re written multiple times? RFID seems to be used as a key for locks and such, while NFC is more for storing different types of data. Couldn't NFC be used as a RFID id tag in addition to other data? If this question is answered in the implant sticky, please just ignore this post. Thanks!


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