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I've been away from for quite some time, and I'd just like to update everyone on my whereabouts and activities.  

Recently I help found an iGEM team at my school, and I am currently in the process of fundraising for our projects next year. At present time we number about 30 students, and 2 professors (Computer Science and Genetics).  I am currently pushing two separate projects that will allow you to constantly update your genome without compromising existing code (I will spare you guys the details) which may allow for easier modding.  Unfortunately this will take some time, and the return on this project may be long-coming.  With that said, I will take specific requests for relatively simple mods and I will have them looked into by my team - unfortunately due to cost and logistics that isn't a definite promise that you'll get your hands on the mod you want .

Thank you for your time


  • Huh, that'd be interesting; how would you non-destructively change the genome? Or am I catching the wrong end of the stick yet again? ",)
    Is there any chance you could push for an open-publishing standard for the group? I know it's very easy to ask from my nice comfortable spot on the sidelines, but I also think the re-democratizication of science is an incredibly important aim, one we should advance at every opportunity. And being able to read the actual work rather than Gizmodo's interpretation of it is key.
  • By nature iGEM is open source, for evidence of this look here: (

    It would be nearly impossible for me to get biobricks from MIT for you guys though, the only thing I would have is the experience from the project so that I can replicate it.  

    In terms of non-destructively changing the genome, look into artificial organelles ( it seems as if a lot of iGEM teams worked on different variations of this) and synthetic chromosomes.  Again, I am weary of posting details as it is a competition, but after the fact I would be more than willing to tell you guys everything (as all information would have to be given over to the public in the end anyways).
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    Oh yeah, no bother. All I really wanted was a pointer to help me satisfy my curiosity; that'll do nicely, thanks. (",)
    Good luck with the competition!
  • Just how precise do you want requests to be? Do you need specific proteins ect, or can we just say "I want an X that does Y"?
  • "I want an X that does Y" and I'll tell you if it is possible or not.  PM me
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