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Hey everyone,

We've been mentioning it for a while, and I thought maybe just an official 'hey there' might be in order...
I am in the midst of moving down to sunny (drought ravaged) California to build a laboratory and grind workshop with Cassox. Like in 3 days.
Not only are we setting up a serious research station, complete with clean room and cell culture and testing facilities, but we will be working on making this as robust and self sustaining as possible. Zero carbon and all that.

We have a lot of projects that are going on, and we haven't forgotten about them. The NIR project is moving forward and we are starting to get some very interesting results. The printer setup will be completed once I arrive. Obviously, magnets are moving along, and we have more planned as well.

The lab will be located on a very large piece of land, and we will be very happy to have you guys swing by and check it out. Anyone who wants to come down and learn a little microbiology, a little self surgery, or just work on the greenhouse is welcome. The hopes are that, while it is a bit out of the way, it can become a workshop and research location for the community. Anyone who wants to come down is welcome.

We are really excited about this. It's a little different from a makerspace. Anyone who has any suggestions, support, or input, please chime in. Wew look forward to doing many exciting things :)


  • Awesome! What city are you guys going to be in?
  • I think this lab is a great idea, and I'm getting @glims to run tests on a new implant I'm trialing, once the tests are done I'll be able to provide feedback to let people know how the SfM services shape up.
  • We will be about an hour north of LA.

    So far we have done a variety of tests for Dangerous Things on the xNT line of rfids including sterilization verification, pressure and vacuum testing, freezing point testing, and stress testing. And of course, surface verification, cytotoxicity testing, and fouling testing for the m31 magnets, the parylene coated magnets, and the Haworth magnets.

    The lab space we are building will allows to do those things as well as focus on more biology intense projects, stuff that you maybe dont want to do in your kitchen.
  • If we come up with new implants and such would we be able to send it down to you guys to get it tested? I.e if i get the magnets sorted could I send em down to get some tests done so i know the coating worked?
  • yes,that is kinda the plan. basically,one of the things we would be doing is bringing a little standardization and verification to the projects we work on.
    for instance, the tests we did for amal as far as i know are the first time anyone has actually tested rfids for these properties.and i know its the first time anyone has done that type of testing on magnets.
  • That's so exciting to see things starting to become standardized and new trails being blazed. 
  • Oh man, this is pretty awesome. I'm about an hour south of LA but will definitely have to stop by and help out with things sometime.
  • Hey, if I'm ever in the area, I will totally swing by.  I'd love to learn a lot more than I currently know, and that would be wonderful.  I am so glad to know that we are getting labs set up.  :)  Have fun guys.
  • Great news Gentleman! Please do keep us informed!
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    Lab update! (man this adding tag thing is really getting me on top of all my updates)

    60sq meters of lab goodness is basically done. The OR needs paint and shelving, but is basically done. The greenhouse/aquaponics area is built (i will be posting pictures later). We have fridge and incubator action. Greywater system with remediation swales are being set up this week. Extra areas in the lab are setup with tables and shelving for hardware work.

    So, does anyone have any suggestions for things they would like to have available? Like, what kind of tools will help the community test or build their stuff?

  • a coating lab would be amazing. somewhere we can apply whatever craziness we can come up with. a plasma beam powder coater would be amazing.
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    RE: coatings. This is in the works. Plasma beam coater etc... We've certainly discussed but aren't currently pursuing due to other projects we're prioritizing. If someone wanted to focus on this type of a project though we've got the space and would love to participate. We definitely have the ability to test the coatings once applied, but it's hard to jump into learning an entirely new process and specialty when there is so much else we'd like to work on.

     Edit: Glims may feel differently about this. Coating technology is his cup of tea.

  • Sounds great - if I get out to that neck of the woods I'll pop by...
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