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Hey everyone, I'm jamcar23 and my account just got approved, so here I am. I must say I'm very glad to have found this community. I've been thinking about implants lately, but after finding this site it's clear I should do some more research.  
I'm located in Winter Park, Florida. If anyone else is too, let me know. 

If you all don't mind, I have a few questions for this community:

1.) why would/do you have implants? Are the useful? Are they worth it? 
2.) how have the affected your life? Has it positive, negative, or neutral? 
3.) how far would take the biohacking / implantation? 


  • Oooh, questions!
    I have two implants, a magnet from Steve Haworth and an NFC tag from DangerousThings. The magnet is fast becoming a part of me. Sometimes I catch myself feeling around magnetic fields after something grabs my attention without thinking of it as a magnet, just another sense. That has been a really neat journey. The NFC tag is a layer of security for my phone to keep prying eyes away.
    I am an engineer so it's nice to have mods that don't show and I feel like I really got them for me because I don't advertise them day to day the way that piercings and tattoos do.
    I have told only a handful of people and mostly it's been positive but I've only told people who I thought would handle it well. One coworker was weirded out and I thought he would be fascinated.
    I wouldn't take the biohacking further than socially noticeable because my career is on the line. If everyone started getting cyber eyes implanted I'd be right there but currently even a wearable computer could be seen as a risk to my job.
    Ultimately they have been worth it. I wouldn't get a second magnet implant because I can sense what I wanted with the first. I wouldn't get an RFID tag because I can do anything I want with just the NFC.
    Welcome to the forums.
  • @McSTUFF thanks for the welcome! Is one magnet really that useful? I plan to start with one (to make sure I like it), but in my head 10 seems more useful.
  • Before you get one in each hand stalk check out the Second Magnet Placement Ideas thread. It might save you some digital anguish.
  • @McSTUFF yeah, I've been looking at that thread, after reading through it, 10 no longer seems it's as good of an idea as I thought it would be.

    It's very clear I have a lot to learn...
  • I am curious what 10 magnets would feel like. Or 28 with one magnet on each bone beyond the palm. Not as implants but magnets attached inside a glove. I have a single magnet and I know the sensation at a single point. To demonstrate this for other people I have attached a magnet to a ring, actually a paperclip bent around a magnet. Nd magnets are cheap and gloves are cheap.
    If anyone has experimented with >=4 magnets on a glove I would like to hear about it. If not, I'll get some bargain bin magnets and a glove.
  • Hi!

    I'm in the same position as you, as I have just joined up and I'm considering an implant within the next few months.

    The reason I am considering the magnetic implant is to feel a new sensation that is exclusive to a small percent of the population. I was also raised by tales of superheros and anything that gets me closer to a super human (no matter how small the steps) is something that is very appealing. From a professional stand point I'm keen to see how it changes my interactions with the everyday and how I can use the magnet as a digital input to achieve other things.

    I can't really answer the second question.

    I don't think I would go much further than a couple small sub dermal implants. I think there is a lot that can be achieved by stimulating the magnets externally.

    Becoming part of a unique movement is also appealing.
  • I just ordered a magnet from Dangerous Things, so whenever that comes in I shall have my first implant! Can't wait! One more thing I'm curious about is interacting with a computer. Do you ever stick to yours? How has it affected your typing? I write code all day, so my ability to type is pretty important.
  • Hey jamcar, I just ordered my magnets too so can't speak from experience but I've seen plenty of people say that the magnet doesn't affect their use of a computer. Sometimes they can feel the harddrive revving up which is neat but no negative side effects. I imagine typing with the finger it's implanted in might feel odd at first but that's all. Obviously your WPM would be affected during healing...but other than that I think you'd be good. I code also so had the same questions earlier.
  • The magnet isn't under the pad of the finger, it's off to the side. The only people I've heard who report a change in everyday activities are those who do heavy lifting regularly. I type a lot and I don't even notice it in my finger. It won't interfere with keyboard operation, even wireless keyboards. Touch screens are not affected. I have to be within a couple inches of a spinning hard drive before I can feel it so laptops may occasionally remind you about the implant. Some laptops will turn off when your magnet finger is right over the sensor to tell if the lid is closed.
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