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Has anybody done any mods on bioluminescence? Or research on it? I was laying in bed last night pondering on how useful it would be to have. The thought that was in my head was basically a miniature light bulb that attaches to the nervous system, however that may be a bit impractical. In theory though, it could work if you used your nervous system as the electrical input; but there are oh so many unknown variables in that method.

Another possibility would be using a transdermal port, however I know many in this community are rather opposed to that. With a transdermal port though, there would be so many holes (battery, possibly light) that you may be better off just wearing a watch or the like that has a light built into it.



  • The closest thing I could find was UV tattoos. Not operated by your mind though, just by the use of blacklight. Or maybe this thingy right here is what you mean ? Either way, I don't see you using them to find your way in the dark due to the skins' diffraction.
  • Enough light to read would be more than enough. I've seen UV tattoos, and they're pretty damn cool, but aren't what this is about. The link though, is awesome. Seen it before, but totally forgot about it.

    I remember somebody mentioning a mini-flashlight type mod, that would be implanted into your fingertip. It would be tiny, but would still need a power source.
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