• Synthetic Biology a Primer, is my suggestion. The last one is too advanced without some background, and the rest of the are basically storybooks with no actual technique. However if you are just trying to get excited about the concept, biohackers and regenisis are good.

    Also, per a previous conversation I was having with someone else this week: if you don't have a micro background, pick up an old micro textbook for a couple bucks and read it cover to cover. You need the basics before you start smacking stuff together.

    My primary suggestion for someone with a few bio classes under their belt are the NEB catologues and downloadable info packets because they are awesome. I know it's kinda them trying to sell stuff, but my intro to gentetic recombination used the NEB catalog as it's only textbook.
    Google what you don't understand and always ask for help. If you find yourself googling more than once per page, roll back to the micro textbook.
  • I in fact do have some bio classes such as genetics, micro, and biotech in my belt. Also I am waiting for the results for biochemistry, and cell bio. I will go back to my biotech book and micro book.
  • I don't mean to hijack this thread, but what are some good books to read up on biology? Mainly related to the things on this site. I have taken a few bio classes, but not many and they were a few years ago.
  •  I would suggest getting yourself a biology textbook with the word "Human" in the title as a starting point.
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