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    Yeah I know it constricts blood flow allowing gangreen to form more easily but there is so little in the mix and I'm only using a small amount of lidocaine so I didn't think it would be that bad. I am home from college for the weekend and my mother is a retired pediatrician so she will be doing the procedure
  • If you do decide to use the lido with epi, make sure that you don't use a tourniquet. Other than that,  I had the test implant installed with lido epi and it hurt, but it was fine.

    Just cause I know he's working today, here is the links to those posts.

    I'm sure Cass will hop on at some point and tell you more, but it's good initial reading material
  • Ok no tourniquet then. And yeah I saw you posted Cass' blog and I read them and sent them to my mother as well. Really informative and a great write up. Has made her nervous though lol
  • Did you do the nerve block or local injection @glims
  • we did a local for my first one and a digital block for my second.
  • Thanks! I got it done and took some video. Used the nerve block without a tourniquet but there was a lot of blood. I had to get 3 stitches because the incision was too large but think it went well though. Hopefully the skin heals and doesn't reject.
  • Got mine implanted this saturday here in Brazil. The strength of the magnet is incredible! Thank you guys for all the support and information =)
  • tps://

    Here is the video of my implant. Edited a little and sorry for the vertical video and weird comments
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    So, a quick tip that I was reminded of when watching this video. Invest in a pair of titanium tweezers. They make life so easy...

    looks good tho. let us know how it works out :)
  • Yeah I should look into that...we had tested mine out before sterilizing the tools and it seemed not to be magnetic but we soon found that we were not thorough enough lol. @glims. And that nerve lock really did the trick @cassox. Didn't feel a thing. It looks good after a few days and will keep you posted on the results!
  • Ive got a weird question. Should you be able to see the magnet through the skin? I can see it now and hope it doesn't remain visible. Im sure it has to do with the skin being separated from the muscle making it transparent. Once the skin rebinds with the muscle the magnet shouldn't be visible should it?

  • @pkp336 Upload the image to imgur or something? All I see is the text "image" in your post.
  • How is that @IDPS?
  • Hmm. That's what mine looked like before it rejected. Hopefully I'm wrong but it looks exactly like mine did while it pushed its way out.
  • Fuck. I will super glue that shit if thats what it takes. No rejection zone

  • Haha. Well what happened with me is it pushed its way right under the top layer. Then I removed it since I was worried I would lose it.
  • I definitely think it is migrating. I just took this picture and the previous picture I took around 10 hrs ago. Should I try and move it down to prevent it from squeezing through my sutures? Sorry for the constant posting but I'm kind of freaking out.
  • calm down and strap a steri strip on that sucker and just leave it alone. for the first week you should just have a strip on it constantly. maybe 30 min of air before bed. you want it snug and taped down. this also stops the sutures from wicking in moisture into the pocket, and issue we have dealt with lately.

    also, obviously, you are gloving up before showers, etc. right? in case no anyone else thought about this, do not get your ish wet for a week. too easy to get a minor infection or issue.
  • I don't have sterns trips. I thought 3 stitches would be enough. I can go get some now or in the morning. Would it matter if I got them when I wake up? I have been gloving up when showering and re bandaging it every day sometimes twice a day. I first put some Bactroban on it then a sterile sponge then wrap in gauze and tape up. So definitely don't try to move it by hand or with another magnet?
  • I had my piercer implant one of these magnets and he was astounded by how small it was. He was worried there would be trouble handling it because of its size but it went all right. He has always implanted Haworth magnets, both sizes, so it kind of blew his mind that this was a real thing. He was impressed.

    In other news I totally passed out again, which makes me 3 for 3. Both magnets and an NFC tag caused me to pass out.
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    I know a person who underwent a slow, methodical implant... the cutting began before the Lido even kicked in. Suprisingly, it took a good 5 minutes of cutting and toying despite muscle shaking and gnashing of teeth before a pass out occurred. It seems that while a beta-blocker can decrease hand shakes, it doesn't ameliorate the poor decision making from multiple days of sleep deprivation. ;)
  • Thats how mine looked before it rejected also.
  • It's doing better now. I am on antibiotics and the wound is mostly healed. Hopefully it won't reject but I think if it does it would be from the skin dying on the top of the magnet and not expelling it from the wound. I have pictures from most every day after the operation if anyone cares to see them.
  • As can be seen above, I got mine implanted sometime last october. It's now almost 3 months later and I still can't really feel anything unless I directly stick another magnet on top of it, and I can only occasionally manage to pick up a paperclip.

    It got implanted by someone directly instructed by Amal, and properly bioproofed, hasn't gotten rejected, etc. What's up with it not really working? Is it possible that it just shifted around and buried itself too deep into my finger, or did I wildly overestimate the strength of this magnet?
  • Nerves can take a long time to heal. I've read that some people develop more sensation at around 6 months. I've had mine less than one month. I can feel my microwave three or four inches away from the control panel, and I can feel my laptop power brick from an inch or two away, but not much sensation beyond that. I can't tell if metal is ferrous, and I can't even pick up a paperclip, a staple is all I can manage.

    But I know the installation damaged the nerves a bit -- I have that telltale hint of slightly numb tingling distal to the incision. So I'm confident that sensation will improve, at least a little, over the next 6+ months.
  • Cassox Is there a special reason why you would numb the entire finger from the fingerweb with the lidocain? Why not just inject it straight into the tip of the finger?
  • @Lowryder This is the difference between a digital nerve block to a localized anesthetic.

    Basically, your are numbing the nerve from the 'trunk' rather than a single 'limb', comparing this to a tree. But there aren't any needle picks in the local area of surgery, and having the entire area numbed from the base is more effective than trying to gauge localised numbness, finding out you didn't numb enough of what you're cutting. This is as I understand it. ^^

    You CAN do localised injections, but why play guessing games and stab your finger tips with needles when you could just numb the whole thing.

    As always, read everything. There's directions for how to do a digital nerve block in the wiki. c:

    Oh, and NO EPINEPHRINE. And do not inject it into a vein. ^^
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