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  • I'm likely going with a needle insertion again. Less blood, almost no scarring and no stitches.
    That said, I'm all for the scalpel method but I think it requires more precision and anatomical know-how than some people have - or can cope with under fire.
    Anecdotally I've yet to hear of a needle-placed magnet rejecting, though admittedly it's a far smaller group to poll.
  • I just watched a video yesterday where a guy coated a magnet in gold and injected it into himself. Failed miserably and was leaking heavy metals into him and he had to remove it in what seemed like a very painful operation. not to much an issue with the injection but more of an issue with the coating. 
  • @drjaaz could you post a link of the video please?
  • @dezie_mm Thanks! Went with your suggestion and got mine implanted on the pinky side of my ring finger. It looks a little bruised but is already healing up nicely...Good luck everyone!
  • Only watched part of the clip - and with the sound off - as I'm at work. From what I saw, he used a scalpel?His problems started when he decided it was okay to just use a gold-coated magnet, though. And where were his gloves?
  • yup to all. you should see the second video where he has to take it out. pus and swelling and a corroded magnet.
  • Any word yet on the removal of the "beta test" implant to check how it fared?
  • Oh! damn, I am so super sorry. I really thought I mentioned something about this. Of course, it could have just been to amal or cass... My bad. Sorry everyone!

    Anyway, the removal of the beta test went fine. Cut the finger open, put a pair of forceps in there, pulled the mag right out.

    Surface is fine. Coating was stable. No loss of integrity. There was no platelet adhesion or significant fouling. Everything looked super solid.

    Since that implant, there have been 4 more implants done by either Cass or I with no issues.

    I declare this a success.
  • Awesome! Just what I was hoping for. Any issues with the rigidity of the implant vs. Haworth's or other silicone-coated implants? That's the only thing that's giving me pause, but they may be thin enough that it counteracts any potential difficulty in a fingertip.
  • Parylene coated magnets would have a comparable surface rigidity, correct?  Those have been used extensively already.  I've not seen anyone comparing personal results with rigidity of parylene versus silicone, but I've seen no complaints.  I'm only about 24 hours out from implantation of three m31s, so I've not used my hand to be able to talk about it from first-hand experience.
  • Still can't decide where to put the first of my m31 magnets ... Three choices so far are:

    Thumb is probably my preferred option, closely followed by inner-wrist. Is anybody else opting for a wrist placement? And if yes, where exactly will it be located?

  • I'm doing both wrists eventually. Just working on location and surgery techniques. Been watching carpel tunnel surgeries as they show the area of interest nicely.
  • Just received my m31! Am I correct in assuming that opening the plastic packaging to get to the instruction leaflet will nullify the sterilization?
  • @rhaka the leaflet will tell you they arnt sterilized and explain how you can go about sterilizing them yourself.
  • Close enough
  • Any chance somebody can post a photo of the leaflet here? I can't open mine right now - they arrived after I left town to attend a family funeral - but I'm keen to know what needs to be done pre-implant.
  • Hey kjwx, I'm not sure where Amals at re: sterilization. I'm not sure what the cards say exactly either, but you should have no problems if you give it a good soaking in either a strong chlorhexidine/alcohol/quats solution. You can look up exposure times, but generally alcohol is an overnighter, while quats/chlorhex (Chlorhex cleaner, not skin prep strength) type cleaners are effective in as little as 20 to 25 minutes. Read the product directions. Then after setting up your sterile field clean the magnet with some sterile saline. Pretty much soak it in saline and rub a bit with some sterile gauze. Then, leave it in a little bowl of saline while your doing the rest of your prep.

    There is research regarding leaving a coating of Chlorhexidine Hcl or other antibacterial on an implant but I don't recall the conclusion being particularly positive. The general rule of hand is that if you wouldn't put it in your eye then don't put it in a wound. Along these lines... Glims is working on a rather interesting project regarding a kind of cell matrix goop that facilitates cellular infrastructure around an implant. I was heavily critical of it to be honest. When I was a home health nurse I did tons and tons of wound care and I've played with tons of different products. Glims stuff has some really awesome results although there's like zero chance of going through all the clinical trials/ FDA bullshit etc. I can't make any claims about it's ability to assist or hinder wound healing. Unfortunately.
  • Oh, but going back to Amal/ Sterilization, I know there are changes being made but he's doing a big conference in Germany... so I'm not sure where in the process we're at.
  • SeaSea
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    Hey guys.. I havd been reading a pdf I got from "" chapter 29 I think.

    The tourniquet procedure they describe involves using a undersized glove finger. Cut the finger and the finger tip off the glove, then pull it over your finger and roll it down to the base.

    Anyone ever try this? I know its kinda off topic.
  • Sea: Check out the Supplies For DIY Magnetic Implant thread, where we've been discussing using a rubber-band for a TQ.
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  • Damn. My piercer won't install my m31 now that he's seen that leaflet.
  • dont take it too hard. a lot of the piercer rituals are only that. since they are a sefl regulated community, they feel the need to be more rigourous than most med workers.

    where is did you say you were located? I'm sure we can hunt someone down that can take care of it if you aren't feeling up to self handiwork.
  • got mine yesterday, it's very small, maybe less than half the size of my Haworth magnet, mainly because of the silicone coating. it will take up less space in my finger, so I anticipate it being more comfortable when pressing on hard objects.
  • Are these still on sale? 
  • yes now they're available to the anyone, however the price went up.
  • Got mine implanted today, it was a pretty smooth ride. Can't wait until it's healed up, thanks for all the hard work guys!
  • Hey @glims, @cassox, or any others with a good answer. I am about to get the m31 implanted and have lidocaine with epinephrine in it. Is it good to go for the finger or is that one of the places you dont use epinephrine. Also i cant find your video of how to implant @cassox. Any way you could repost it?
  • I wouldn't use it if it has epi. The papers i've read show there's technically nothing wrong but apparently it hurts like a mofo. But that's just what i've read. I still wouldn't use it as the concensus before the study was to never use epi in tips of things, nose fingers toes etc.
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