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  • Sweet. I'm in no hurry, still got a bunch of reading to do on the operation. Are there any videos of these being implanted? I been reading the Augmentation Limitless blogs but I have seen no vids of actual operation.
  • There are plenty of videos of the operation. I know cas has one on his blog along with more information than you could ever need on location and placement andeverything else. Can't find the link atm though since im literally running out the door to a lab for school. If no one else posts it i'll dig it up for you later.
  • I appreciate it. I hate to just show up on the forum and be one of those people who expects to be held by the hand and spoon fed. Without bothering to look for the info lol.

    I can watch some of the videos on the blog, like the one on how to do a nerve block. That one was very cool by the way:)

    But I think maybe cause I'm on a cell phone, (which is my only internet access) some of the links don't show up right. I'm using chrome, maybe I need flash? One video video posted on the first page of this thread, by amal I think, says its a private video when I try to watch it. I don't know if thats supposed to happen or not.

    Thanks again in advance.
  • How easy would these be to inject rather than insert via the more traditional incision approach?
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  • I can't think of a way to inject a disc really, but we're working on another model.
  • @Cassox would the cylindrical model be stronger because of the increase in volume and will they also be coated with Titanium Nitride?
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    Thought I would jump in and say that my m31s arrived today (well, technically yesterday since it's after midnight now).  Sent on the 16th, arrived on the 19th.  Now if only my scalpels would arrive... 

  • I'm so excited about this design…! I don't know what I'm more pleased about, the strength of the magnet or the elimination of the 'bulk' involved with other biocompatible coatings! Please please please don't stop accepting orders until I can get an order in… I need to gather some extra green to cover the shipping cost to Canada.
  • So they have shipped? Too excited
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    @pkp336 I dont think so, but @amal would know.
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    @Amal will ship on request, but as of September 16th, anyway, the pre-shipment sterilization of them was not done.  In other words, you can get them, but they're not sterilized.  I will be installing mine in the next few days, ideally (still waiting for my scalpels to arrive...  USPS tracking information says estimated delivery date of last Friday, but they're still about a hundred miles from where I am).
  • @aviin how did you contact him? I have been trying since lastweek and he hasnt replied.
  • I did the same and have also had no response. I'm just assuming he's busy at present.
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    same here as well on contacting him. i think your right and he is just very busy. either way im not worried :) im busy at the moment and am not in need of it for the next few weeks 
  • he is really super busy right now.i talked to him the other day and he mentioned all the pre orders are going out nowish.
    as for post pre order action,there are a few things up in the air.what i van say is that if you can access the pre order site,its very likely that you can use it :)
  • just got confirmation that mine just shipped so we should all be getting them soon
  • So did I, very excited (though not looking forward to the installation).

    I've been wondering, what about those cards in the package with the magnets? How do you sterilize a paper card like that without ruining it or making it illegible? I assume he's not putting an unsterilized info card in there, that would ruin the whole exercise.
  • Got a confirmation this morning as well. MEGA jazzed :D
  • I also got confirmation today... All excited and have already prepared the medkit!! :D
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    Well Zombie, You could sterilize it with an electron/rad beam. Or bake it at the right temp for a time.

    (I was referring to the Paper here.)
  • we have looking into various methods of sterlization. low temperature plasma seems to be what works best for these devices.

    baking of course,would ruin the magnets
  • What about UV light? If the surface is non-porous, that might do quite well.
  • uv sterilization would only work if everything was flat and exposed to the uv light.
    working with large batches of stacked materials would be innefficient and potential failure prone
  • I got my magnet today! Just wondering which finger would be better to use if I am trying to achieve "magnetic vision" my pinky or ring finger?
  • The idea of a scalpel sounds terrible to me! I got this magnet today and was thinking of different ways of getting it in. With my first magnet I used a piercing needle that way the exact diameter as the magnet, went in no issues with almost no blood and almost no pain. But this one is a bit larger. Scalpels seam to leave a lot larger of a cut then needed. Do you think using a 8g needle would be less invasive or at that size does it even matter any more?
  • scalpels are fine if you use them properly. needles just sort of randomly rip as they go in and would essentially core your hand to get it in the right place with a needle. just use a scalpel for these. if they make cylinders those you'd be able to inject since smaller diam is less horrible.
  • @justilew the ring finger should be more sensitive. I am implanting two, one in my ring finger and another in my index.
  • Mine came in today, and WOW! I knew they would be small but I didn't visualize just how small. Feeling more confident about installing now :) I'm hoping to video-document most of the process. For science!
  • @birdmachine make sure to post the video on here!
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