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  • I also dropped in DT1007, the analysis on the silicon coating. Sorry my internet is so slow, it's taking forever to upload...
  • Just ordered one of these babies. This'll be my first bodymod of any kind, been considering a magnet for ages now. Thanks for all the hard work in developing this stuff!
  • Still can't see the new files in the wiki Research Articles section - but granted I am looking from my phone. Has anybody else found them yet?
  • I had a little trouble finding it at first, but it's actually pretty easy - just follow the link @glims posted and click Community Library at the top. You will find both files here, a little way down the list :)
  • This is how I found it. 
    wiki>Grinder Resource Library>Reasearch Articles>Community Library

    The actual files are titled "DT1005 analysis.pdf" and "DT1007 analysis.pdf".


    Hope this helps!
  • Do we yet know when they will ship?  I'm super excited for my magnet!  I don't know if I will be implanting it myself yet, but I am looking around.  Anyone know an artist in the Colorado Springs area who is willing to do implants?
  • Talk to @Amal about shipping. I have sent them to him. He needs to do a quick batch with a new type o sterilization and then thats about it.
  • Just ordered mine!

    I've lurked on this forum for around 6 months (after forgetting my password).

    I'm amazed at the work you guys have put into this project, the magnets look amazing!
  • Here is a write up about what you are looking at with those tests I uploaded. Sorry if it's written in a ELI5 fashion, but we want everyone to get what is going on here, not just you guys.

  • Just ordered two to upgrade from my Haworth magnets. Barely made it, I forgot about these!
  • How does the TiN coating respond to tissue healing, does it "free float" in a pocket like silicone, or does tissue bond to it and lock the implant in place, like with Parylene? Will these magnets be able to spin about in response to an external pull?
  • We are letting them fully heal before we try to see how they bond. I will be removing the initial test implant soon, so I can tell you more then.
  • @glims @amal any chance you guys can pitch this to the piercer at Ancient Adornments? hes the only person i can find in Southern California who is willing to do magnets, and I'd love to have him implant an m31 for me.
  • @killey13 - send me a contact through the DT site or PM me with their info and I'll be happy to give them a call.
  • Hi Amal, thanks for shipping those so quickly. They arrived just in time. 

    I got mine implanted today. How long did it take you guys before you were able to feel anything? With Deckers cylinders I was able to get minor sensations the first day, with fluctuations as the magnet healed. 

    While the strength of the magnet outside of the finger was impressive, I haven't been able to get significant stickyness with anything yet, even small things like paperclips don't seem to be affected. I'm sure part of it will just be figuring out exactly where the magnet is in my finger, but even so I'm surprised it doesn't have a larger range given the oomph that it had when we tested it outside of the finger. 

    Are you guys considering making larger ones? My previous magnet is probably considered magician level. It can hold a tea spoon. I would really love to see something from you guys that had that level of potency. 

    All that said, its a really great piece. The size is tiny, perfect for anyone implanting at home. The process of inserting the m31 was so much simpler that the cylender from last year. It takes up no space in the finger either. Honestly its a really great entry into the magnet space. 

    On a side note, I hear that all shipments of the big rice sized cylinder magnets has been cut off. Brian was down to his last half dozen, and wasn't going to be able to order any more. Apparently the makers caught wind of what was happening and will only ship to certified labs now. 

  • @meanderingman gee thanks for letting the cat out of the bag :) i shipped that to you unsterilized because Brian Decker had the means to sterilize it before implantation. For everyone else, we are running a test batch through a special sterilization process. Testing of that process should be done this week, then the bulk product gets sterilized next week, then we ship to pre-order customers after.. so 2-3 weeks tops.

    The fact that you can't pick up anything is surprising. We had discussed Brian using a cold sterilization process (soak in antiseptic for 24 hours), but did he run it through an autoclave instead? If so, the magnet may be damaged... just wanted to check out that possibility.
  • Oh, yeah, cylinders... that's next on the R&D list. No ETA yet, but they are coming.
  • Meanderingman,
    You must have gotten the "Magician" model. Ok, so the Haworth model we had the opportunity to test was the 1mm X 1.6mm. Although outside of the silicone it does have a similar overall field, once encased our smaller 3mm X 1mm was stronger. Basically, the measurement being used is comparing total mass/size of the implant with its performance. Obviously a 4 inch brick is going to exhibit much higher pull strength. We choose the 3mm X 1mm size specifically because it's at the cusp of having enough force to cause tissue damage. It'd be pretty easy to scale up our procedure to a size similar to the Magicians model although, the size isn't entirely clear on his site. It's listed as .100 x .300. There are no units listed, but it appears considerably larger in the image. Do you know the dimensions of it?

    Also, can you please tell me how your unit was sterilized prior to implant? Unfortunately, heat sterilization really isn't an option with these things.

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    Hi Guys, 

    Don't worry, an autoclave was not used. I'm not sure what he ended up soaking it in, but the magnet was suspended in some sort of goo for about half an hour before implantation. Unfortunately the magnets arrived yesterday, a couple of hours before Brian was leaving, so we did not have time to soak them overnight. He seemed very confident that the magnet would be safe enough to implant. 

    I feel like part of the issue could be the depth. The magnet seems to be right in the center of the finger, and quite deep. I think that, combined with the swelling from the insertion could be part of it. I may try to maneuver it a little closer to the skin with another magnet before it heals all the way. 

    Since we only ended up implanting one of the m31's we took the opportunity to compare one of the spares to Brian's cylinders. Having looked at them side by side I would estimate his magnets at somewhere between 2mm x 3mm and 2mm x 4mm. Of course that includes the parylene. The m31 seemed almost as strong, but with maybe 1/2 to 2/3 the range.

    The cylinder magnet that we were comparing it against looked similar to this one dimensions wise.
  • Thanks for the info MM... I'm pretty sure we will be working with artists and possibly surgeons to create a procedure for installing the m31 much closer to the surface of the skin. I'm really putting the cart before the horse here, so don't get too excited... but one of the big advantages of the m31 is its size. Without all that extra bulk, you don't have to bury it so deep into tissue... it can be treated much more elegantly.
  • Ordered two of these, but I think I'll keep my parylene coated magnet for now.
  • I agree 100%. I was really amazed at how fine it was. The strength to size ratio was amazing too. I think it will take a little bit of work to find the ideal placement, but as general advice I would definitely lean towards putting it close to the surface. 
  • Does anyone have experience with moving things around after implantation? I dont want to get to it close to another magnet in case I actually pull it out of the incision, but I feel like it is significantly to deep right now. Do you think it will be moveable after the skin has begun to heal?
  • About how much weight can one of these magnets hold in/outside a finger?
  • Is the window still open to purchase one of these? Ive just placed an order through the link but some of the last posts seem to indicate the window has closed.
  • @Amal is going to have to answer that one, but I figure that if the link is still working, you can still order.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    I can shed at least some light on this subject (I think ;) ).  I ordered mine on September 12, which was only 5 days ago.  Last night, I contacted @Amal through the contact link to ask about any additional shipping information (i.e. when could I expect my order to arrive).  He contacted me back very quickly with this reply:

    We are still sorting out a suitable sterilization process that won't
    damage the magnets, but will provide top quality sterilization.

    If you'd like me to ship your magnets unsterilized, send me your order
    number and I can do that no problem. There are cold-sterilization
    options using liquid anti-septic solution, but it's not preferred.


    Amal ;)

    I replied back and asked for them to be shipped and I got a tracking number very quickly.

    From that we can learn four things:

    1) An order placed five days ago was fine.
    2) The magnets aren't sterilized yet (and therefore haven't shipped yet).
    3) You can get them shipped now unsterilized.
    4) @Amal is awesome (quick replies and looking to please his customers)

    Like you, @otptheperson, these will be my first implants and I'm fucking hyped about it :)
  • is there any reason that soaking the magnets in antiseptic would not be sterile enough for insertion?
  • Nah, it's cool. Just keep them in isOH or chlorahex for +60 min and you are solid.

    There is just some stuff about "artists" and their self regulated standards on what is sterile procedure. Don't sweat it. Everyone will get their mags, one way or another, and at full strength.
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