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  • Hi guys,

    @proxy There is one thing you might want to consider when removing old magnets, and that's scar tissue. Installing a huge magnet like the Haworth magnet requires a lot of tissue manipulation, and that creates scar tissue which may reduce sensitivity. 

    We are exploring options for applying collagen scaffolding to the magnet just before implantation so it will reduce scar tissue around our magnets.
  • @amal That is a good point that you bring up. Interestingly enough when he mentioned scar tissue his claim was that it aids towards increased sensitivity which didn't make sense to me, however I never countered his logic as I don't know enough on the topic of scar tissue to have a solid stance in a conversation.

    I already have a magnet on its way, but I still plan on waiting a while just until you gents get a better understanding/plan on an ideal method when it comes to the updated magnets implants before doing it myself.

    For the 10 minutes I just spent studying collagen scaffolding it sounds like it definitely has its benefits for the implants. From the research papers I read I didn't see any specific method that was used for the damaged tissue. 

    Would it be something that is in a syringe that is injected into the damaged area or is there a different method? Mainly asking as it sounds like something that would have to be done separate from the magnet itself when it comes to an implant.

    @amal On a partial side note when it comes to removing and reimplanting another magnet could it be done one right after another with replacing the old magnet with the new one like batteries per say or is it something that would require the would to seal and heal + time before slicing open again to add another magnet?
  • After a long hiatus, I was stoked to see all the development on this. Ordered :)
  • @proxy it would likely be a small pocket the magnet came shipped inside of, kind of like a pillowcase and the magnet is the fluffy filling. Then the whole thing would be installed... but this is still something being explored.

    As far as removing one magnet and replacing it with another, I don't see why that would be a problem. When I was working with my family doctor to remove an RFID implant and replace it with another, I asked if we could do that and he opted instead to not do that and put the new tag in a new spot. I asked him why he felt that was a better approach, and he couldn't answer me, he just had a gut feeling it would be a better option... so it's up to you. I think it may have had something to do with collagen build-up around the original implant that would have impeded the healing process for the new incision if a new glass tag was present, but I have no idea really.
  • Alright that concept makes sense.

    Hmm now with that idea in mind I shall go off and figure out what I can about replacing implants in meaty parts of the human body.

    In the past has anyone taken a different approach when it comes to replacing their magnets or have they not had the issue yet when it comes to swapping out magnets in the same area?
  • from what I have seen the magnet is implanted by cutting a U shaped cut in the side of the finger, putting the magnet under, and closing it up.  Is there any reason why a straight slit isn't made near the first knuckle and then slide the magnet out to the finger tip? it seems like it would be better to do it that way so that the damage isn't done to the nerves that you want to use and so that the cut only needs to be slightly longer that the diameter+ height of the magnet for easier healing. 

    any one know why? 
  • I ordered mine today! 
  • any info on when the magnets are going to be shipped?

  • The magnets are coming into the lab in the next day or two (we're kinda out there), and then we will be testing the coatings for imperfections and quality (24hrs). From there, we ship them (overnight if possible) to @Amal who will send them out to you guys. so... a week or two?

    I'm not sure what the work on DangerousThings end requires, so I can't definitively say how long it will take, but that is my estimate.

  • Are the magnets sterilized when they arrived or should they be put into an autoclave?
  • Your piercer will be able to sterilize them. I'm on the phone w/ Amal right now, and he will sterilize all the pre orders for you guys.

  • Are there any of these left by now? I would absolutely love to make one of these my first one :D
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    get up on it! that link is good till the end of the month.

    EDIT: we have 2000, nobody is running out any time soon.
  • @glims
    Any leeching tests done yet or post extraction examinations?
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    Random question, not sure which thread to put it in. If you were to implant one of these and then decide you want it elsewhere after a while could you take it out, reclean and sterilize it and implant it somewhere else? assuming it was undamaged? I've just been wondering that since I heard of people taking out old magnets.
  • @DirectorX Titanium Nitride doesn't leach. It's exceptionally inert.
     I haven't taken it out yet. I am not really sure I have a desire to do so. It's about completely healed. What would you say I would be looking for if I removed it?

    @drjaaz As I just mentioned, the coating is very inert. If you desired to shift it to a new location, you should be able to do so. I am curious why you wouldn't just get another one.  I know everyone here is cavalier about surgery, but why would you shift it around your body? every time you open yourself up you run the risk of infection or damage, that's just a given. Moving things around without a really strong reason doesn't seem wise.
  • No real reason, honestly it was just a random thought. I have no intention of ever doing this for all the sane reasons, I just wondered. once i get them in place I see no reason to move them or take them out, my mind just wandered when thinking about this and i figured it couldn't hurt to ask
  • I agree with @glims that cutting oneself open without a good reason is typically not a very wise idea. However unfortunately there isn't also much information out there when it comes to removing an implant then replacing it with another, or perhaps I am not that well versed in my googlefu when it comes to knowledge in the bio field.

  • @glims
    6 month extraction test would be good. You check for structural issues like flaking, roughness or smoothing, degradation, biological issues like bacteria in surrounding tissues as well as on the implant, etc. There is a whole list I'll find for you. Not doubting your brilliance, but I am volunteering if you need someone to insert it then take it out 6 mo later.
  • That sounds good actually :) I like this concept. I will totally do that thing. Signed up for test subject, gotta take the test subject dues.
  • Placed an order for 2, and looking forward to getting them!
  • hopefully its still open until firday, which is when i am payed, is anyone still selling kits for implantation (ie. scalpel, and so on...)
  • Open till Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Put another one in today to test a bit more...
  • nice! i was hoping i wouldn't miss out on it! I had waited to do mine until you guys came out with this and didn't see the post until yesterday.
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    I was hoping to get a couple, but won't be implanting them until early December... Should I buy now, or might they be available as a standard product through Dangerous Things by then?

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Edit: Sorry, just read the part in the beginning of the thread about how the price with go up after the beta. Any guesses as to how much it will go up by?
  • I suggest you buy them now to get the deal. They will continue to be available for sure, but more expensive... :(

  • Hey glims. You got any labs on the coating? 
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    You betcha! Cytotoxicity, fouling, and surface verification (with pics). Uploading to the community resource folder.

    This contains the write up for the "Jet Magnets" (random Chinese brand), D1005A magnets (SuperMagnetMan), a random nickle coated magnet that we were messing around with, and the TiN magnets which became the m31.

    The file is called "DT1005 analysis.pdf". It just an official write up (so not super in depth), but if anyone wants to discuss it further, I am happy to answer any questions.

    Thanks for reminding me. I remember mentioning I would get those up and I totally flaked.
  • @glims

    I'm rather new to this forum, where is the community resource file located? I'd love to see the pdf!
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    EDIT: I forgot to update the folder, should be in there in the next few minutes. Sorry

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