Nerves on a healing implant?

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Fun fact: it's amazingly hard to get a quick but decent picture of the outside of your dominant hand with a phone camera!

Anyway, back around march I had a magnet implanted into each hand (3mm Samppa von Cyborg types). There was an impressive amount of blood involved with the right hand, and both scarred up a bit more than expected thanks to circus arts training. The scar tissue has been going away slowly and I've been picking up on a few more sensitive things, but I didn't really expect this to be one. I'm not sure if it has to do with how the nerve healed, and google isn't helping much.

The blue is where my magnet is. If I gently scratch or rub along that area, I can feel the same sensation everywhere that's red. This only happens with the right hand and not the left.


Has anyone else had this happen during the healing of an implant? Is there a name for this that I can use in further research (seriously, google is useless for me on this right now)?


  • The placement is logically slightly different than the opposite hand and your magnet is probably against the deep branch of the ulnar nerve.

    From some casual google image searches, those suckers are kinda huge. Is your blue dot to scale? Because that is just.. well that's a chunk to stick into the side of your hand. You also shouldn't get scarring when you do an implant, that isn't good. I think the name for what you are talking about is "I stuck a big rock in my hand and now i can feel it when I poke at it." 

    Did you do this yourself?
  • Something that I have noticed is that on my right ring finger, where the implant is, my skin is more sensitive than it used to be when I am feeling things. Definitely something that would make sense given a moment's thought about it.

    It has been about 2 months since my implant so I still consider it healing even though everything on the outside looks normal again.

    Finding a name for that though sure would be helpful for the sake of curiosity.
  • Blue dot is definitely not to scale. I just tossed it together quickly over a lunch break at work, I can get something more accurate put together after getting home, though. They were done by someone else who used a 4mm hollow piercing needle to create a nice pocket to fit it in. Very professional and very focused on proper sterilization procedure. The scarring isn't severe and is my own fault, as I was a little rough on them a few days later at hooping practice. I'm definitely going to be more gentle next time around.

    It's not a 'big rock' under my skin I'm feeling so much as a sensation as if I were touching the skin in both areas at the same time. Which is why I was wondering if it had something to do with how the nerves might have healed back around it.
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