Rochelle Salts

I've been looking into different ways to improve my headphone implants for a while now and I've stumbled on Rochelle Salts, which might have some great uses to our community. First off they are piezoelectric, so they can supply voltage when bent. Quite a bit of voltage actually. It is by no means a battery replacement but it might be ideal for some quick haptic actuator action like a small vibration motor or something.

If an implant is compromised and the rochelle salts get wet they just stop working. This lets you know the implant needs to be removed. Rochelle Salts are edible, so they are not likely to slay you if exposed to tissues.

Another thread discussed piezos being used as a charging method for implants. This material, stretched over discs that sandwich a magnet might be a good alternative to inductive charging because it would let you leach from ac currents without using a coil. What do you guys think?


  • As far as actually getting the Rochelle salts were you planning on purchasing from a source pre-made or creating it from scratch?
  • making them. I have seen really cheap photography Rochelle salts for sale, but I think some of these are formulated different and possibly not safe for tissues. 

  • here is a diy video for anyone wanting to make their own:
  • Gotcha. Yeah I was curious about the differences of the pre-made and handmade versions regarding the safety for long term use on tissue.

    I have been looking more into it and from my limited understanding it looks to something that could be rather useful when implemented correctly.
  • I should mention that I'm not 100% sure the ones you can buy online are unsafe. The limited reading I've done says that there are more than one formula, so I figured the only way to know for sure is make them myself. So if anyone finds a good source it will save me from having to figure out how to seed the crystal.
  • Bumping as this could make for a great powersource on projects. somebody run with this.
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