Updating magnet blogs

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After checking the number of hits I've gotten on my magnet blogs - I realized it's actually pretty damn popular. After re-reading it, I realized it really needs to be updated and I some of my attempts at humor really feel flat. I've changed enough that if you've read them before they might even warrant rescanning. I'm only finished with the first one so far but if anyone wants to critique it at all I'd certainly appreciate it.



  • Looks great! For the sake of readability, maybe decide to use either line breaks or tabs as paragraph breaks (I'd recommend line breaks, personally) and make it consistent through the document. Otherwise, I like it!
  • Went with line breaks. Your right, it was strangely inconsistent in that regard. Thanks! See, when I started playing around with a blog I never thought anyone would ever actually read it... so I wasn't even consistent on font.
  • Ok, so the Implant Guide stuff has been moved. New spot is Augmentationlimitless.com

    New post is up and some more stuff on the way. Also moving over some of the older stuff as I go.
  • MRI's are fine by the way. Lol. It does hurt just a bit.
  • @Cassox Dude FUCK YEAH!!!! We needed this answer so bad.
  • I wonder whether the M63s will be fine in an MRI...
  • @Cassox wow, the blog looks good!
  • Thanks man!
  • Once again, @Cassox, another excellent piece of work.  I've enjoyed and learned from each of your blog posts.  Thanks so much for your time on these things.  I can honestly say that if I'd never seen your blog, I'd not have magnet implants today.
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